Best Regular Seeds

Which Type of Marijuana Seeds Is Best For You?

Regular cannabis seeds are easily available in four different categories. These are the feminized (auto-flowering), regular seeds (non-auto-flowering), feminized (auto-flowering), and CBD seeds (CBD).

Each category of the cannabis seeds have its advantages and disadvantages. But it still largely depends on the grower’s preference, which type works best for them. The categories include:

Feminized This type of seed is a form of feminization that occurs naturally in the female plants. As a result, it’s not a form of cross-breeding, it simply changes the genetic structure of the plant by allowing it to grow in a way that is similar to the male plant. It also helps to increase the yield of a marijuana plant, since it requires less sun exposure. It’s best used for indoor grows, since feminization can often be a bit expensive to do.

Regular This type of seed is just that-regular. It’s made by removing one or two chromosomes from the mother plant and inserting them into the new one. This type of cannabis is more common than feminized cannabis.

Hemp This type of cannabis is a strain of cannabis that contains all of the medicinal qualities of hemp without having the side effects that come along with it. It’s completely non-intrusive, meaning that there aren’t any plants being killed or grown that don’t need to be used. Because it is so different from the normal forms of cannabis, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish whether it’s regular or hemp. While some grow it in small amounts, some grow it as a full crop and try to convince you that it’s regular cannabis.

CBD This type of cannabis is known as “Cannabis with CBD”. This is usually found in pure forms, since other forms are often mixed with the THC-Hemp ingredient. As the name suggests, this type of seed is not for the human consumption; but only for medical purposes.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with each type, depending on individual preferences. The best way to decide which type works best for your specific needs is to talk with your grower and ask for their opinion on whether they prefer the indica, sativa, federal, or hybrid types of cannabis.

Whether or not you choose indica, sativa, federal, or hybrid depends on your own personal growth, weather patterns, sunlight exposure, and environment. So long as you understand and abide by their rules, there shouldn’t be a problem growing marijuana in your own home!

Indoor indica buds are typically the least expensive ones, and are the most likely to produce the best buds. Indoor buds tend to be more mature than outdoors buds, making them grow faster and produce a larger yield. Indoor buds have a distinct smell that is distinct from the smell of indoor indica, sativa, ruderal, and hybrid strains.

Sativa buds are the biggest, strongest, and most aromatic buds, and have a pleasant fruity odor. They are often grown in bigger amounts to produce high-quality buds. The smell of these buds tends to stay around through the entire flowering season.

Ruderal buds are shorter and smaller than indoor buds. These buds are often grown in the form of a strip, much like the flowers of a flower, and are best used to create small and medium buds.

Hybrid buds are the middle, and most potent buds. They have the same scent as indica buds but have a distinctive smell from both indica and federal strains. Hybrid buds are the most popular choice among many growers because they produce the highest number of buds per square foot.

If you’re new to growing marijuana seeds, the above descriptions may give you some idea of what’s out there. If you’re still confused about your options, keep in mind that the most important thing to consider is how well you’re able to care for your plants and that you have the time and patience to maintain the marijuana plants.

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