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Why Should You Grow Feminized Seedlings?

Although many would have you believe that the two types of seeds are somehow separate and unrelated to each other, the truth is that they are actually the same type of plant. In fact, both cannabis plants and regular seedlings can be categorized as “regularcannabis or” feminized” cannabis plants.

However, in the DNA of the plant, they really do have quite a bit of difference, so much so that there is a big discrepancy between regular seeds and feminized ones. Regular seeds are from the cross between a regular male (XY) and a regular female (XX), which mean that their DNA contains both males and females, thus making them feminized. Whereas, feminized seeds are made from crosses between a normal male (X) and female, thus making them regular seeds.

When it comes to the difference in seed quality, it is pretty easy to see why feminization is easier to grow and harvest. Regular seeds often have a shorter time to germination, which is caused by the shorter and thinner nature of the seeds, compared to feminized ones. Regular seeds also have a shorter time to be ready to harvest, especially if it is in colder climates. However, for the most part, feminized cannabis seeds are always ready to harvest the moment they are put into a greenhouse.

In addition to the length of time it takes to grow a regular seed compared to feminized seedlings, it can be more difficult to handle and manage, especially if you are growing an indoor plant, as compared to the outdoor plants that most feminized cannabis plants are. In general, it takes a lot less time to grow a feminized plant than a regular one because of its shorter life span, which is basically due to the shorter and thinner nature of the seeds and their shorter time to germination.

It is important to note that feminized seedlings have been bred to have a shorter time to germination, as compared to regular seeds, but they are still not as fast as the regular seedlings. The average time taken for a feminized seedling to germinate is between two and three days. This time is not always accurate because it can depend on a variety of factors, such as temperature, moisture content and temperature, as well as how hard or soft the soil is.

Feminization of cannabis seeds has been done with the intention of increasing the number of male plants in the house plants, so that they can share more space. or potting areas when compared to just having one male plants for breeding. Some of the strains that are feminized are the Cinderella, Haze, Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, Buddha, Purple Haze, Blue Haze, White Widow and others. These are just some of the feminized strains that have been grown at the University of Mississippi.

Feminization is not always guaranteed to result in a high yield, though, because there is a chance that the plant might end up with a lower yield. For instance, a particular feminized strain might not have been bred for the right conditions to encourage that. But with proper care, a feminized strain can still be able to produce high-quality cannabis, even if it has lower yields than the regular ones.

If you want to grow a higher yield, it is better to opt for an autoclave, which heats the pot faster, but is usually less expensive and can produce good results, whereas if you want to grow a lower yield, then you can opt for an autoclavable, which heats the pot slower and does not cost much but does not produce as high of a yield. It all depends on your choice.

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