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The Differences Between Sativa, Indica, Hybrid & Hybrid Seeds

Weed, Indica, & hybrid seeds: the differences, advantages and disadvantages. The word ‘weed’ refers to the flowering tops of plants that sprout. The terms ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ are generally not technically correct in the most scientific sense.

Sativas are shorter, bushy perennial plants with large leaves. They have a lot of flowers, and their seeds have a tendency to germinate quickly and produce small buds. Sativas tend to be an all rounder, less aggressive type of plant than indicas, and often include hybrids with other types of strains. Most cannabis users will already know what the distinctions are between indicas and sativa- indices are typically short, medium-leaved plants with short narrow leaves, whereas sativas are basically the opposite, with large, thick, long leaves.

Sativas have been bred for many years to be very aggressive, hardy plants. They also have a long history of being used in both the medical and recreational fields for many centuries now. In the US, most of the cannabis grown in large indoor plantations is sativa, and this is the dominant strain in most states and one of the dominant strains in Europe too. Sativa-dominant strains tend to produce high levels of both THC and CBD, and therefore they tend to produce a much greater amount of both.

Sativas are generally easier to grow than indicas, as they are not very demanding plants in terms of watering and fertilizing. However, because they are so easy to grow, many people still grow them on small amounts of land. Indicas tend to prefer to grow in bigger spaces, and because they can tolerate some drought they can grow almost anywhere.

Sativas tend to grow a full six inches tall, but indices can be grown up to eight feet tall. Indicas generally grow slightly faster and produce a more consistent high than sativas do, although most sativa-dominant strains don’t have a very strong, consistent high-end.

Sativa-dominant strains, like the Lemon Skunk and Purple Urkle, are known to produce a better and more intense high than indices do. Because indices typically don’t make their own dank, moist environments, most people prefer to grow indica-dominant plants in an indoor environment, which are more humid. and thus produce a more intense high.

Sativas tend to produce an intense high and a milder and longer-lasting high than indices do. When growing indica-dominant strains, many growers recommend using a lot of water, as well as a light regime, since water makes a lot of the high that indicas produce.

Sativa-dominant strains are usually easier to grow than indica-dominant strains. If growing an indica-dominant strain, the biggest disadvantage is that it is easier to get your seeds to germinate, which is important because many seed sellers will charge more for the seeds of a sativa than they will charge for the seed of an indica-dominant seed.

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