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How to Grow Marijuana Plants – Indicas Vs Sativas

It’s interesting how different types of cannabis (including all different forms of sativa, indica and hybrid indica) are classified based on their height. The plant with the highest height in its natural cycle (the flowering phase) is called the cannabis sativa or indica. The plant with the highest height of flowering stage is the indica or sativa. Most cannabis plants grow taller than one meter with the exception of the hybrid cannabis.


The height of cannabis (or any other species) is largely dependent upon the type of seed used. Sativa, indica and hybrid indica buds have more mass when they mature compared to the seeds of sativa, indica and hybrid indica. Marijuana has a higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, when the seeds are immature. Some of the highest THC levels are found in the indica and sativa of the cannabis plant. The THC content is also increased with the maturity of the marijuana plant seed. It’s not always the case though, that marijuana seeds have higher THC levels than other parts of the plant.

Sativa, indica and hybrid indica are classified according to their type of flowers. There are only three flower types of the marijuana plant, namely, the pistillate, the ovary, and the Carnation. A common misconception about this classification of marijuana plant is that the flowers are actually the actual cannabis plant. This mistaken belief came about because of the similarity in shape between the flowers of other related plants. In fact, the flowers are actually an arrangement of stigmas (flower-like growths). The flowers themselves are the actual plant, and the stigmas are a structure attached to the plant.

The indica and sativa of the cannabis plant are classified by where the seeds are located within the plant. Seeds are located in the female cannabis plant and are generally found in clusters. The indica flowers are found in the center of the female cannabis flower. The sativa flowers are located on the lower part of the female cannabis flower. In addition, indica and sativa seeds are not limited to one specific position within the female cannabis flower. They may be dispersed from the male cannabis plant.

The hybrids between the indica and sativa of the cannabis plant are called hybrid indica and sativa weed. These cannabis plants may not cross pollinate with other plants such as the sativa, indica and hybrid indica. This cross pollination may have the result of a new hybrid cannabis plant being developed. This new hybrid cannabis plant may have a unique and stronger hybrid marijuana plant scent. It is also possible for cross pollination to produce two completely different strains of the same marijuana plant.

In addition to being different in appearance, indica and sativa have different physical properties. They have different physical properties which will depend on the location where they are grown.

In a cannabis-growing environment, indica and sativa will show different growth habits. When growing indica, the plants will grow taller and remain in one location as opposed to flowering in multiple locations. Hybrid indica will spread out in a flat shape. The hybrid sativa will grow vertically to become taller.

The smell of indica or sativa may be more pungent than that of sativa, since they have a greater amount of terpenoids (vitamin E and Linalool) in their marijuana plant’s leaves. Terpenoids are responsible for the plant’s freshness and are found in many types of flowers and scents. These terpenoids will cause the marijuana plant to smell fresher and produce a stronger odor than sativa or indica. The smell of indica and sativa can also be bitter. This bitter taste in the marijuana plant is usually attributed to the higher levels of terpenoids in the marijuana plant’s leaves. This bitter taste is also associated with the different locations where the marijuana plant’s leaves are grown.

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