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Disadvantages of Inter-Sexed Seeds

There are pros and cons to both regular seeds and inter-sexed seeds in growing cannabis. We’ll examine the pros and cons of both before deciding which would be best for your growing needs.

regular seeds

In its normal state, a marijuana plant is isogenous, which means there are male and females specimens that grow side by side to produce new specimens. Regular seeds are inter-sexed seeds that produce both female and male plants, with the grower having no control whatsoever over the sex of the plant.

This important distinction is made because of the increased possibility of cross-breeding between the two sexes. With regular seeds, this possibility is not nearly as high as with inter-sexed seeds. It is also harder to cross-breed plants with regular seeds because of the fact that they are inter-sex.

Disadvantages of regular seeds are that they don’t tend to germinate properly (which can mean that the plants don’t have enough nutrients in them to grow healthy), and that it takes a great deal of work and time to separate the genders, which is another disadvantage. With inter-sexed seeds, these difficulties are eliminated, so you can get started growing them much faster and more efficiently.

Disadvantages of inter-sexed seeds are numerous and can be grouped into two basic categories: physical disadvantages and psychological disadvantages. With regular seeds, one or both of the plants will be destroyed during transplanting due to the tendency of one of the sexes to cause the seeds to break down so badly when planted with them.

Disadvantages of inter-sexed seeds are not limited to the physical aspect, however. One major disadvantage is that the plants will require a lot more care and attention, which can be quite time consuming and frustrating. The time required to grow these plants and the additional care necessary to separate the genders can put a considerable burden on the grower, and if they are not properly cared for, they can easily grow into large plants that are difficult to deal with.

Disadvantages of inter-sexed seeds are a bit different from regular seeds in that they require a lot of care and monitoring. These plants will grow slower than regular plants because they take a longer time to flower and set seeds and to mature fully.

One disadvantage that many growers consider an advantage of inter-sexed seeds is the ease in which they can be mixed together with other types of plants in order to make a hybrid. The more common varieties of regular seeds cannot be used with the inter-sexed seeds.

Because there are no special requirements for inter-sexed seeds, they can be mixed together with any number of regular seed types without having to worry about compatibility issues. This means that a gardener can mix any number of the seeds to produce a hybrid plant, without having to worry about compatibility issues, which is a big plus when working with plants that cannot be grown together without causing problems.

Another disadvantage of inter-sexed seeds is that they require a higher level of maintenance than regular seed varieties. They need more time and care than regular seeds to mature and grow properly.

Some plants will take a much longer period of time to grow and develop when mixed with regular seed varieties, while other plants will flourish. If mixed with regular seed varieties, however, an inter-sexed plant will often produce seeds that are not as high quality or are even of a lower quality. When mixed with inter-sexed seeds, regular seeds may also be difficult to cultivate.

Finally, because the growth times are longer for plants mixed with regular seeds, they are more prone to becoming diseased. This is because inter-sexed plants are much more susceptible to diseases and other problems caused by the conditions where they grow.

Many gardeners feel that these disadvantages of inter-sexed seeds outweigh the advantages when it comes to making a decision about whether to plant them or regular seed varieties. They feel that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages when it comes to growing plants with these seeds and feel that the best choice is to stick with regular seeds.

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