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Identifying Marijuana Seeds

There’s no sure way to tell if a pot of regular seed will become a male or a female plant. It can be difficult to observe the differences between male and female plants after the first week of flowering. It can be 50% male and 50% female, although the ratios vary greatly in most cases. Some of the main reasons for the variation in the proportion are that they’re all the same type of cannabis and some of them have been crossbred to achieve specific results.

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The sex of a marijuana plant is determined by its genetic makeup. A woman’s plant will have a certain amount of a hormone called aromatase, which helps to convert the plant’s testosterone into the hormone estrogen. Since aromatase works on both plants, it can only work with a certain variety of cannabis. Thus, the female plants will have a lot of the plant’s male counterpart. This doesn’t mean that you can’t cross a woman’s plant with a man’s plant, but you should only try this if you know for sure that the two strains aren’t crossbred for the sole purpose of producing marijuana.

The sex of a marijuana plant can also be determined by how you harvest it. Male plants have their leaves and stems removed right at the start of the flowering period. Female plants simply don’t need any of this. Also, the size of the plant is important, since this determines its sex. Male marijuana plants typically grow up to a foot in height, while female plants tend to grow up to about two feet.

Another way to tell the sex of a marijuana plant by the leaves it’s produced. If the plants have a lot of flowers that form at the base of the stems or buds, then the marijuana plant is female. If the buds are round instead of flat and produce several petals rather than one or two, the plant is female. If the buds have petals that form an arch or a V shape rather than just one, then it’s male.

If the marijuana plant produces a white coating on the leaves, then it’s a female. On the other hand, if the leaves are yellow-green in color and the marijuana plant grows more flowers than leaves, then it’s a male. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some types of cannabis actually flower with pink or red coloration. However, this is a rare occurrence and is usually not indicative of gender.

The color of the marijuana plant will also help determine if it’s a male or a female. While a large amount of flowers, a large number of leaves and stems and a lot of petals may be present, the plant will probably be a male. Conversely, a plant that has fewer flowers and leaves will be a female. If a plant has large flowers, fewer petals and a small amount of stems will be a male.

Male marijuana plants tend to produce a lot of the buds. They have smaller and shorter stems and leaves, so they may not reach the height of a regular seed. If a male marijuana plant reaches more than three feet in height, then it’s likely that the plant is a male.

A male marijuana plant tends to produce more resin, because it has the ability to form buds faster. Most male marijuana plants mature faster. Some growers will allow their growers to keep the plants longer, so that the plant has more time to mature before the flowering period is over and they can collect the resin, which is called “dubbing”.

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