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If you read the scientific studies about marijuana, it is quite apparent that regular seeds produce the best buds and most potent pot. However, they also yield high quantities of resin, so the seeds must be grown in large amounts to ensure a high yield.

Regular seeds are produced by sexual reproduction between a female (ovule bearing) plant and a male (seed-bearing) plant. In marijuana cultivation, these are the best product from hand pollination. The sexual reproduction process is carried out by insects such as bees and aphids. The males do not fertilize the females, but they do eat the nectar produced by the plants for them to survive.

After the males have fed on the females reproduce, they return to the nest of the females. The males then mate with the females. The female then produces a single egg for the next stage of the cycle. If there are no males around, she will give birth to the first set of seeds. If there are males present, the female produces two eggs per cycle which are fertilized by the male sperm.

It is a fact that females produce more seeds than males, which means that they have the edge over males when it comes to seed production. Since the female produces two eggs, she can expect to produce at least four seedlings, whereas a male can only produce two offspring.

In case of regular seeds, the male pollen is attracted to the ovules. This pollen can fertilize the ovule, the female nectarine and the seed. The seedling has its own set of chromosomes which can differentiate it from other seeds. The male sperm penetrates the seedling to penetrate into the seed cell.

When the sperm attaches itself to the seedling, it releases the male sperm that penetrates the seed and fertilizes the seed. This happens until the female egg is fertilized and the embryo is released. When there are no males around, the embryo is released as the female egg. When the female egg is fertilized, it is expelled in the form of a seed, which is then able to grow into a plant. Marijuana.

Seeds that are planted in the ground may be ready to harvest at different stages, depending on the conditions of the soil. However, there are certain factors that affect the quality of the crop, including the type of soil. of the location where it grows.

Regular seeds have the advantage of being easy to propagate and can produce better yields and quality. In case of seeds that are harvested manually, the seeds can be replanted easily and quickly.

Some plants have a tendency to sprout better when the seed is harvested quickly. Seeds that are taken from regular plants have been known to be much better than those from hand-harvested ones.

The best way to harvest seeds is to leave them out in the open so that the heat of the sun can dry up the seeds. You can also do this manually, but there is a risk that the seeds can be destroyed by birds or insects.

If you want to replant seeds, it is important to do this in a sunny area because the heat can damage the seed. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the seed is exposed to the sun and not left out in direct sunlight.

It is very important to ensure that you have fresh seeds. While it is not mandatory to replant every single seed that you harvest, it is advisable to do so if you are planning to plant seeds from regular plants. It is also good practice to take seeds from your garden and replant them in case you want to preserve your garden for future use.

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