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Differences Between Indica and Sativa Marijuana Seeds


Differences Between Indica and Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seed plants are able to take the frustration and guesswork out of growing potent marijuana strains. This is due to them being able to only produce female plants, which means you will not have to worry about males cropping up in your growing batch and ruining the plant if you do not separate them properly in the beginning. If you are still wondering what all this means, continue reading for more information.

In order to differentiate between the feminized and hybrid seeds, you must first know the difference between a male and a female marijuana plant. Male marijuana plants have a male reproductive system that consists of two sexes – a male and a female. Female marijuana seeds also have a male reproductive system that consists of a single sex – a male and female. This single sex of the reproductive system is known as the Sertoli cell.

The Sertoli Cell is the female reproductive stage of the plant and it will replace the male cells during the growing phase of a marijuana seed. Because the Sertoli Cell has no female cells, it is sterile and will not produce male plants. To distinguish the seed from its counterpart, you should look at the leaves of the weed. A feminized seed has a grayish tint to its leaves, which is different from its counterpart.

In order to grow better-looking buds and larger buds, you will need to grow marijuana that is high in Indica and not high in Sativa. Both of these marijuana strains can have the same effects on your body and can cause many health issues if you do not know the difference. Sativa is also known for causing a high when smoking it. Some people say that it is one of the most addictive strains, so it is recommended to try a small amount of it first before you start a full-blown habit.

Sativa has a faster onset of growth compared to the other two strains. This means that it will produce buds more quickly. As a result, you will have to work harder to keep up with growing your indoor garden or grow indoors with indoor cannabis plants.

Sativa also has a lower potency compared to other strains. So, if you want a potent, high-producing marijuana, you should grow a large indoor garden using Sativa. or even an indoor garden using a combination of different strains. The best way to know the difference between a feminized and a hybrid seed is by tasting your plant.

Feminized seeds are usually less powerful. They have been bred to produce a more manageable amount of marijuana. Hybrid seed plants have the same health benefits, but their potency is not as high as feminized seed plants. A feminized plant will usually produce a smaller yield than a hybrid and has a shorter shelf life.

The best time to plant your feminized seeds is early spring and late fall, but some people plant their seeds in late summer, and others plant them later in the year. You can harvest your seed plants in the fall, but remember to wait until after the weather has cooled down. Harvesting late in the season could mean a shorter shelf life, so keep this in mind.

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