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How to Care For Regular Seed Plants During the Growing Season

Most plants will not flower if you put them in water. A few exceptions include the following: A. tulips, b. lilies, c. roses, d. and e. pines. They will flower if you plant them in moist soil. You can try taking a piece of wet newspaper, placing it on top of a couple of containers of dry soil and placing a plastic bag over the containers.

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After the first week of blooming season, you should check your plants to determine if they have developed flowers are still hiding in their stalks. You can note the difference between a male and female plant after the first week of flowering stage. If the leaves are pink and the flowers are white, you should plant them in your garden.

A. tulips, b. lilies, c. roses, d. and e. pines are considered to be perennials and these flower buds will bloom for a number of years. You can either plant them in small containers of your garden or plant them in large pots in your garden. Make sure you provide a sufficient supply of water. These plants are extremely hardy and will tolerate most conditions. They are easy to maintain, too.

If you are looking for plants that bloom only once a year, there are some species of the following genera that are available for planting as a flower bud and you do not need to replant them every year. These include: c. sativa, c. indica, c. ruderalis and c. globulus. They will also bloom for two to four years.

Regular seed growers should take care to pick plants carefully. If you can, take the time to prune them and the best time is during the spring.

To determine the best time for planting different varieties, it would help if you take a look at the leaves and see if they are beginning to turn golden. They should be turning a shade of yellow at that point. The flowering time of different varieties of the plants is different.

There are many plants that are known to have the right conditions in which they thrive, but cannot flower during winter. For example, these plants are: c. citrinella, c. albicans and c. frutescens.

A few plants, though, will bloom without winter protection such as the c. barbera. and c. reticulata.

Plants that do not need winter protection are: the c. sativa, c. indica, c. ruderalis and c. globulus. These are known to flourish in summer conditions.

It is important that you know the proper way to prune your plants. This is one of the things that regular seed growers fail to consider and this is what will contribute to having poor harvests.

Prune at least two of the four sides of the plants each year. Take away one half inch of growth in a row and then remove a third of the leaves.

Remove a section at the base of the plant and pinch off the bottom and top of the dead leaf. Repeat this process until the plant is no longer producing foliage and it can no longer produce fruit.

Then take the remaining leaf and separate it from the other two and carefully prune the dead leaf. Place them together with the next one in the pot.

Do not prune the whole plant at once, wait until the ground is dry before taking the next step. This will ensure that the plant does not get too wet during the growing season.

The next thing to do is to pull away another section of dead leaf and pinch off the center. Use the sharp edge of a pair of scissors to cut the leaf off.

Place the plant in the sun and leave it to grow for several days, then place it back into the ground. If the soil is still damp, mist the plant regularly to make sure it does not get buried.

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