Best Regular Seeds

Pros and Cons of Regular Vs Irregular Seeds

Regular seeds are seeds where the grower does not have any control over their sex, where they can either produce male or female specimens. While in the recent past the percentage of cannabis users that choose to take this kind of seed in their garden has drastically declined, regular cannabis seeds still remain the most popular choice for a handful of old-school growers, who want to respect nature’s delicate nature in all areas… Here are a few benefits and disadvantages to the regular cannabis seed.

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Disadvantages of Regular Seeds Are a Lot Less Common in Regular Marijuana Varieties than Regular Seeds of Other Plants. Since the regular seed is used with the purpose of producing plants that do not exist in nature, a good majority of the time it doesn’t come across problems and has virtually no side effects to say the least. That said, you should always check out the conditions of your regular seed before using it on your plant to ensure that it is a good seed choice.

Disadvantages of Regular Seed Varieties Do Not Grow Very Tall or Very Widely. The main difference between the regular and irregular seeds is the number of buds they produce. Regular seeds produce male and female buds, where in the irregular variety only the female bud develops. If your aim is to produce larger buds then you should consider the irregular seeds because they produce bigger buds and tend to grow a lot wider. It’s a pretty simple rule, but you should always try to choose a seed variety that will produce a wide variety of buds.

Disadvantages of Regular Seed Varieties Cannot Grow Taller Than They Can Touch the Ground. When choosing a regular seed you’ll have the added benefit of a higher tolerance to temperature. This means that seeds will be able to grow taller and produce a lot more buds than seeds produced by other varieties. However, these seeds can also produce a lot less flowers if not grown under the right conditions. This means that even if you do choose an irregular seed variety, they won’t produce as many flowers.

Disadvantages of Regular Seed Varieties Can Produce Small Buds When Growing High in Temperature. Because these seeds are used for plants that do not exist naturally, most of them are grown in environments where the plant’s climate is high. Therefore, there is a chance that the plant could experience too much heat, too little light or too much humidity. In any of these conditions the plant could get stressed and eventually grow small, weak, low-quality buds.

Disadvantages of Regular Seed Varieties May Not Produce Flowers When They Are High in Temperature. There is another disadvantage to this kind of seed, because they often don’t produce flowers during the flowering stage. The reason is that these seeds are not able to grow well if they are in direct sunlight. However, they can actually still grow to the flowering stage without being exposed to too much sun, but they do not bloom when you water the plant too much either.

Disadvantages of Regular Seed Varieties Can Be Costly When Used for Beginners or People Who Don’t Know Much About Gardening. It is important to remember that regular seeds cost a bit more than irregular ones. However, if you take the time to check out these seeds and see what they have to offer, you should be able to find them relatively cheap.

Regular cannabis seeds can also save you some money because these seeds have a better guarantee than irregular ones do. The price is lower for regular seeds because you know that they will grow healthy plants and produce quality crops. However, you may need to spend a bit more on buying a regular seed variety if you want to use it for growing, since it has more potential and therefore a higher yield.

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