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Marijuana Indica And Sativa – What Are The Differences?

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Marijuana Indica And Sativa – What Are The Differences?

Most indicas, whether or not they are regularly grown and harvested are bred for their psychoactive properties, or more accurately their high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol). In other words, if you want to get high then your indica will be your best bet. So what is the difference between an indica and a sativa?

The difference between a regular indica and a sativa is that only females should come up, while a regular indica plant, male and intersex and hermaphrodite or hermaphroditic can come up as well. Hermaphroditic feminised seeds are also available, but this has to do with poor selection of parents in the cultivation of the species, so, can be said that…

Sativas are, for the most part, the offspring of cross-breeding two strains of marijuana and the offspring are always male. However, these are cross-bred strains and can be used by professional breeders.

An indica grows like a regular weed and will produce flowers when it is ripe. Sativa plants grow to three or four feet high and are used for growing large amounts of pot in small spaces. A sativa plant is most often found growing wild in Southern Mexico and Central America. Some sativa strains have been cross-bred to produce hybrid varieties, but all indicas, whether cross-bred or not, are very similar in nature.

The indica is a shorter plant with a more compact head than the sativa. When it grows, it will have an even canopy above with an occasional spreading bush to allow for a cool shady spot to grow.

A regular indica can produce a higher harvest compared to the sativa and is very easy to grow, just remember it does need the proper soil and watering. It does not require too much water during its flowering stage, usually a couple of inches deep but don’t over-water it, the roots will rot from lack of oxygen.

The indica tends to have a stronger aroma and body than the sativa, a sativa on the other hand has a more mild and sweet taste. This is because the indica has a better concentration of CBD and lesser amounts of THC. {THC, meaning it does not have the same ‘high’ as the sativa. It is a good choice for smoking.

For those looking to smoke a more relaxing smoke the indica is ideal, it also tends to be easier to find in more populated areas, like the west coast of the United States and can be grown outdoors with minimal maintenance. The sativa is preferred for smoking indoors with more space.

The indica has been known to be more potent than the sativa, this is because the indica has a faster flowering period. The indica plant is normally grown indoors with the proper growing medium and can take between eight to nine months before it is ready to harvest. The indica will usually produce around one pound of flowers per flower bud at a time and only takes about two weeks for the buds to become mature. The buds of the indica flower are smaller than the buds of the sativa.

Regular seed is what is used in most of the medical marijuana states. The reason that indices are preferred over sativas is because indices are generally easier to grow, are easier to train and produce a great yield. A single flower of an indica will generally produce between four and six ounces of dried weed, whereas a single bloom of a sativa will produce between ten and twelve ounces.

A good medium for growing an indica would be your regular seed, this is because it should be started indoors about a month after you purchased it and can then be transplanted to its proper growing medium. Be sure to allow the seed to get plenty of sun and water so it has the proper nutrients. Once the seeds are planted, they will need to be kept damp to give them the proper environment to grow.

Indicas tend to be harder to train so the best solution for training is to transplant them to a tray filled with gravel, make sure the seeds are spread out over about one foot apart and water them so they have a good chance of getting the proper nutrients. A good medium would be your regular seed and a little water, the more they are watered the faster they will grow.

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