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Regular seeds are normal seeds which produce both male and female plant, where only the grower having control over the gender of the plants has any control over the gender. Although in the recent years the number of regular users who select this sort of seed for their marijuana garden has significantly fallen, regular cannabis seeds have been the favorite choice for many old-school growers who want to respect the natural state of the plant regardless of their personal preferences.

regular seeds

The main disadvantage to this kind of seed is that it takes longer to grow and mature as compared to other different kinds of seeds. This disadvantage however does not apply to all kinds of seeds and can be overcome by carefully choosing the variety of seed that you would like to grow.

Advantages of Regular Seeds: Unlike hybrids, most varieties of seed do not require any special conditions to grow. This means that they can be grown just about anywhere in your house. Moreover, because these kinds of seeds come in such large numbers they are quite inexpensive, sometimes even cheaper than buying buds from a bud farmer. You will also be able to grow a larger variety of plants with one single growing area.

Disadvantages of Regular Seeds: Since regular cannabis seeds do not contain a lot of nutes, you need to be very careful about the type of light they get from their surroundings. If the plants that you are growing in your home receive too much sunlight, the cannabis plants may die out very fast. Also, if the plants in your house do not receive sufficient amount of water then you can expect them to be highly susceptible to diseases and other issues related to poor water supply.

Disadvantages of Regular Seeds But There Are Still Some Benefits: It is true that this kind of seed can be a challenge to grow but it is not impossible. There are several tips and tricks to make sure that you grow the best possible crop of cannabis with this type of breed of seed. It is important that you keep in mind that while regular cannabis seeds do take a lot of time to mature, the fruits and flowers of these seeds turn out to be very potent. and very high in potential to produce large amounts of potent and effective cannabis.

Always ensure that you leave enough space for the light to filter through the rooms in your house, to avoid having too much light exposure. The best way to achieve this is to plant the plants on top of your cabinets and in the open air. This way the light can freely diffuse through and bounce off the walls and the floor. It is also advisable to have plants that do not get direct sunlight during the day time, to keep the temperature down and the light source down.

Regular Seeds Are More Resistant to Diseases As Well As Regular Marijuana Seeds. The seed which is more resistant to diseases tends to grow faster, has a higher yield and is more resistant to insects and pests than other varieties of seeds. It is also good to look for a seed which has been grown under a regular temperature as well, since they are more resilient and less likely to develop disease and infestations. Make sure that when you grow the regular marijuana seed of your choice, you prune the plants regularly. It will also help you weed out weeds and insects that might have developed in the previous season as well.

The only problem with regular seeds is that they are not as adaptable as hybrid seeds so they take time to mature fully, thus requiring more work and attention. However, the rewards of growing regular cannabis outweigh the disadvantages as they are better able to produce high quality flowers and buds.

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