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Growing From Regular Seeds

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Growing From Regular Seeds

When it comes to growing marijuana, there is no debate that the most common form of seed is the indica or sativa plant. The most popular indica strains are Northern Lights and Hawaiian, although hybrid varieties are beginning to appear on the scene. Regular indica seeds produce about half male and half female flowers. The male plants typically produce longer flowers, and those that prefer to start from regular indica seeds tend to be very old school gardeners and those who wish to make their own crossbreeds.

Sativa or indica plants typically produce a flowering period of between nine and twelve weeks. These plants are more compact and shorter than indica and produce more dense flowers. Sativa plants are usually the choice of many experienced marijuana growers, although hybrid cross-breeds can also be produced with a Sativa plant. Because these plants are so much shorter, many hybrid strains have been created to fit in the pot when grown indoors. Hybrid crosses are easier to harvest than pure indica, which is why many new hybrid strains are being developed every day.

Indicas, on the other hand, are quite a bit taller and produce denser blooms. They also tend to produce more buds than Sativas and therefore are considered the better choice for many beginners. Indica plants tend to have a more potent, more flavorful scent and tend to grow much more densely. This results in a plant that is typically more robust.

There are two main ways to select your seed. One is through a seed catalog and the other is by growing your own seed. There are many reasons for deciding to plant your own cannabis. Some prefer to keep the plants indoors during winter, but if you are lucky enough to have a warm place to plant your plants this will result in stronger plants. Others grow plants from seed, because they are not sure if they like indoor growing conditions or would rather use a greenhouse.

A great way to begin choosing your seeds is by searching for an Indica or Sativa plant that has a natural color and texture. Most strains do not come out looking that way the first time you see them. In order to avoid problems later, it is best to wait to pick out the flower buds until you have had time to carefully examine each individual buds to make sure that seem to be a good match. For example, indices will not have the same kind of green coloring that buds from the same mother plant have if you grow them together.

Before buying a seed, be sure to purchase a couple of different strains and choose which ones will work best together. If you buy a single plant, be sure to check the mother plant to make sure that you are getting a good match. Some indices have a green or red appearance that is not present in a pure sativa.

If you want to buy a sativa plant and then to grow your own seeds from seeds, you will need a couple of different strains. Both the indices and sativa need some type of drainage in order to thrive. The indices tend to need less water while the natives will need more to be successful. Be aware that the Sativa plants tend to dry out more than indicas due to the fact that they take longer to mature.

If you plan on growing the plants indoors, make sure you put the right amount of water in the pot. For example, a sativa plant will need three times the water of an indica. Once you get started, just add water and watch as your plants grow. When you have decided to move them outside, make sure that they are well watered and you are prepared to go.

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