Best Regular Seeds

Harvesting Regular Seed Vs Hybrid Seed

Most marijuana smokers know that regular seed has more medicinal benefits than its feminized counterpart. Regular seed yields up to 50% more marijuana plants than feminized seeds. The male plants often produce buds, while the female plants only produce pollen. Those who like to cultivate marijuana from regular seed tend to be advanced growers and those who simply prefer to make their own hybrids and crosses.

regular seed

Weed breeders have been cultivating marijuana for decades, which explains the reason why many of them can identify specific strains with great accuracy. Weed breeders also know when to cross two different marijuana strains, as they do not like crossing an all-female with a male plant. Most of them prefer to grow marijuana from females instead of males because males are not used in making cross varieties for cultivation. There are even people who prefer to cultivate their marijuana plants using male plants. In fact, male plants can often outgrow females.

But when it comes to marijuana, males are not always preferred. There is an abundance of female marijuana plants, which makes it easier to distinguish between male and female plants. This difference is not found in seeds, which means that if you cross a male with a female, you will have a mixture of both the sexes. However, this does not mean that cross breeding has absolutely no use.

There are different types of crossbreeding. The most popular are crossbreeding between Mexican cannabis and other strains such as Indian hemp and Jamaican hemp. This is also known as “crossbreeding for hybridization.” Other types of crossbreeding include crossing the Colorado cultivar with another strain that has low growing space requirements and is easier to maintain. This type of crossbreeding is called “hybrid crossbreeding.”

Although hybrid crossbreeding allows marijuana growers to get their hands on marijuana with any possible characteristics they wish to have, not all plants are compatible with hybrid crossbreeding. Therefore, marijuana growers still have to know the difference between normal seeds and hybrids before they can use them. Many plants are labeled as “regular seed” when in fact they are not, and have a genetic makeup that can not grow in their environment.

When it comes to regular seed, you can harvest as much as three to five or six marijuana plants per plant, depending on the plant. Some plants may not produce any buds. Even though it takes years for a female marijuana plant to produce flowers, it can take longer for males to produce a lot of buds. The flowers produced by these females last several months, but sometimes produce only one or two.

The potency of marijuana flower depends on the quality of the female plant, its breed and the conditions it was grown under. It is important for you to understand this when harvesting your marijuana plants and then growing it yourself. Most growers who prefer to harvest their marijuana plant in-house choose to cultivate the plants before they are ready to harvest to save money. After harvesting, it is still best to dry the plant in a dehydrator or oven. While the dried marijuana has a better flavor, it will take more time before it is ready to smoke.

When using regular seed, it is best to grow a number of plants, since each plant can yield thousands of flowers. You will have to wait between three to four months for a male to become fertile and six months for a female to produce flowers. The best time to harvest your marijuana is just before the flowers begin to bloom. Once the marijuana flower begins to turn purple, it is ready to smoke. This way, you can keep track of how many hours it took for the marijuana flower to begin turning purple and you know exactly when to stop smoking it. Marijuana flower is also very fragile, so it is best not to store it before smoking it.

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