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Regular indica and sativa cannabis seeds are typically grown in the late summer through the fall months in the California region. It is important to know what the two different strains of cannabis have to offer. Indica is commonly grown for its more relaxing and euphoric effects.

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Indica has a medium-length growth cycle and often reaches maturity in as little as five months. It has very little if any resin and produces little or no smoke. Regular seed plants produce about half male and half female flowers. The male flowers produce large buds, which produce seed.

Sativa has a much shorter flowering time but produces a full harvest faster than indica. This strain has been growing in popularity for quite some time and is often grown by first time and experienced growers alike. Many people prefer to plant sativa seeds indoors to avoid having to deal with the heat and humidity of an outdoor location. Those who prefer to grow this variety in an indoor environment are usually first time growers and those who are interested in making their own hybrids and crossbreeds.

Most people will plant the seeds in small batches and divide them among many containers to make a smaller pot, and keep it in a closet or storage area. Others prefer to keep the seeds indoors year-round and only transplant when the time is right. In order to get a consistent harvest, these plants must be maintained consistently. Regular marijuana growers find it easier to maintain one plant than many.

Sativa cannabis has a rich, spicy aroma, but produces very little smoke, and therefore is more popular for smoking. Regular marijuana growers prefer the smell of indica. Sativa is also more aggressive than indica and can grow up to six feet tall. It will require more space in the garden, but is ideal for larger gardens because it will spread out. nicely.

This type of bud needs a good growing medium to grow, such as a compost pile or similar product. Fertilizer will be needed frequently, especially throughout the growing season. The soil needs to be acidic and rich in nitrogen to provide the proper growing environment.

Indica is also known for producing buds that have a very large and heavy “sweet” smell. Sativa strains are normally produce longer and stronger buds than indica. and have a sweet, milder flavor, as opposed to the spicy taste that indica has. However, indica is also a better choice for smokers. It is recommended for new growers because it tends to produce a less potent smoke.

When growing indica or sativa from a regular seed you will need a lot more space than you would need to grow the same amount of sativa or hybrid. These strains require more care. The plant should be kept constantly moist or at least slightly humid, and the soil should have lots of light for optimum growth.

Indica or sativa plants are best used in full sun. They can be planted in any season, as they do well in all conditions. However, as mentioned, they will need a great deal more space.

When growing an indoor plant, a little less is more. A little space is not necessarily more, but more space is always better than none. If your room is small enough, you can have a few plants growing side-by-side.

If you plan on growing these indoor plants in pots, make sure that they are completely covered with a damp cloth, and water daily. After each watering, remove any leaves. Watering should be done in the late afternoon, or early morning. You should make sure that the leaves are dry before you put them out the next morning.

These plants need regular watering, although you can water them less often in colder weather. If the weather is unusually dry, you can feed them with a fertilizer twice a week.

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