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The Benefits Of Both Types Of Marijuana

If you are looking for a high yield, easy to grow weed that will make your favorite strains, like Blue Dream, Goldenseal or Lemon Skunk, even more potent, then you might want to consider Indicas. There is no denying that Indicas are some of the strongest weed strains around, but are they right for you? Let’s look at the differences between the Indicas and find out what they are best suited for.


Indica marijuana seed are known for their fast, shorter and stockier growth and are also known for their highly fragrant flowers and relaxing body highs. Most Indicas originate in central Asia and the eastern region of India, specifically the Hindu Kush mountainous region of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. A common Indica type is called Humboldt Haze, which is an extremely popular choice due to its ability to produce beautiful, fragrant flowers that are as potent as or more potent than many strains found in the western hemisphere.

Sativa, on the other hand, is not an indica at all, but instead is the opposite side of the same coin; it is slower and stronger. Some common Sativa types are Blueberry Haze, Jamaican Blue, California King, and the legendary Cinderella. These are often combined with an Indica to produce an extremely potent and cerebral experience. If you like being in the middle of things, and you’re comfortable and confident with your own mind, then Sativas can be a great choice for you.

The two types have different effects on the body when they grow together, and in many instances one type is simply better for you than the other. For example, if you’re looking to experience a more sedating high, like a combination of Blue Dream and Humboldt Haze, then you will want to stick with the slower Sativa strains. On the other hand, if you are looking to experience a more stimulating high like Blue Dream and Lemon Skunk, then you will prefer the quick, euphoric and energetic effects of the indices. The choice is entirely up to you.

Sativa weed has a tendency to create a more intense, cerebral high, whereas indica tends to create a feeling of overall relaxation. It is typically considered to be a bit more aggressive and powerful, although both types have the capability to create a truly unique and personal experience. Because indica tends to have a very long flowering period (usually eight to nine weeks, with a significant gap in between them), it is often better for those who want a high that lasts for much longer than a week, rather than those who want a shorter buzz.

When it comes to growing both types of marijuana, Sativa tends to do better in a large, natural outdoor space, while indica tends to do better in a small indoor space. Indicas tend to work better in warm and humid climates, while Sativa does better in dry and cool climates. Because of their stronger, more concentrated nature, indica strains are generally better for those who like to keep things mellow.

As with any type of gardening, it is important to keep a close eye on the soil in your growing area and be sure to water at least twice a day. The type of weed you choose depends upon how fast you want the plant to grow, and what the conditions are in your region at the time you begin to cultivate.

While growing marijuana is always a fun experience, it is never a good idea to leave a plant in the same condition that it was in before you planted it. As much as it may seem to be, you should always start with a healthy plant from the beginning of your planning process, because you never know what may happen or what conditions might affect it as you grow.

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