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Growing Marijuana With Seeds

Regular seed are often the most expensive strains of cannabis available. The high cost of growing cannabis comes from the high number of generation needed to produce a crop. The higher the number of plants required to produce a crop, the higher the price of each plant. However, most experts agree that this does not represent a major factor in dissuading consumers from using cannabis.

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With so many varieties of cannabis available, most buyers rely on the most common type to get their medicine. Frequently this is the medicinal cannabis with a high concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is also the plant used for recreational purposes. But with new strains appearing on a daily basis, consumers are being exposed to new strains that contain lesser amounts of THC which makes the plant more appealing for users.

Since it cannot be used in cooking and baking, the female cannabis plant fertilizers are also in demand. When females are crossbred with regular seeds, feminized plants are produced. When females produce more pollen than usual, this means that there are more chances of the female plants to pollinate other plants. With a greater chance to cross pollinate other plants, this increases the chances of having feminized cannabis plants.

The feminized seeds have a larger window of pollination compared to regular seeds because they are resistant to cold, heat and predators. In addition, they produce more resin, which is known to increase the quality of marijuana. Because of the resins produced, marijuana with feminized seeds has a better and stronger aroma. The aroma is preferred by many users.

When feminized cannabis is used for medical reasons, the process allows patients to enjoy the medicinal benefits without the unwanted side effects of consuming regular seeds. Many people believe that consuming regular seeds is more enjoyable than using feminized cannabis. For this reason, many women choose to consume cannabis using regular seeds. However, many women also choose to enjoy feminized cannabis by crossbreeding it with regular seeds so that they can have the full benefits of the cannabis with the added bonus of having its sex.

Crossbreeding also allows a woman who would not be able to use feminized cannabis plants under stress to enjoy the same benefits. Stress is one of the most common reasons why seeds are not used in feminized plants. In crossbreeding, the stress resistance and robustness of the plant can be increased. The female plants can be stored during periods of low stress for up to two years. This ensures that the plant will produce pollen sacks during the time when it is not stressed.

The most important motive for growers is getting regular seeds at a reasonable price. It is a competitive market and the buyers are constantly on the look out for better bargains. The buyers normally prefer buying feminized seeds of popular varieties that have already produced good crops in the past. Irrespective of the reason for which they purchase these seeds, the bottom line remains that the buyer wants to get quality at a reasonable price.

While growing regular seeds, it is important to remember that feminized plants take considerably longer to mature than traditional male plants. In fact a full year’s time is needed for feminized plants to begin producing flowers. So, it is advised to ensure that your feminized plant has been under an adequate growing climate for at least half a year prior to scattering it. This will ensure that the plant receives all the appropriate food and water requirements during this period. Remember also that a flowering plant prefers a well drained soil and will therefore benefit from regular sodding or hoeing.

The major advantage of these regular seeds for growing cannabis plants is that they can easily be propagated and sown in a relatively short space of time. This allows any grower who desires a continuous crop of cannabis to continuously grow without the hassles of waiting for the plants to grow naturally. It is also possible to produce an enormous amount of new cannabis plants with these regular seeds because all that is needed is one clone to propagate.

Regular Seed: Low quality seeds must be used in growing cannabis. These should be used sparingly and properly so that the plant can benefit from the natural characteristics of the low-quality variety of marijuana seeds. The plant needs certain vitamins and nutrients, which are only provided naturally by the low-quality seeds. Avoid this by taking your crop to licensed growers for a better chance of receiving high-quality marijuana.

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