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The Pros and Cons of Cross-Cultured Herbs

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The Pros and Cons of Cross-Cultured Herbs

Regular seeds used to be used by farmers to get high-quality marijuana plants. Now-a-days, however, many consider these regular seeds as liabilities and think it is better to go for Indica or hybrids. Regular seeds also have a high probability of coming into contact with other male plants just like nature intended. Since they produce females, regular seeds aren’t so popular among breeders producing new super strains. Nevertheless, regular seeds can still be found in a variety of forms on the market these days.

Many advantages can be gained from breeding regular cannabis seeds. Some of the advantages are more focused towards female marijuana users. In fact, most female growers tend to stick with feminized cannabis seeds, unless they want to get a cross-cross with a male plant. It’s because of this that feminized cannabis seeds give the female marijuana user some advantages over others. These advantages include higher potency and better taste.

One major advantage of feminized cannabis seeds is the ability to get the plant to produce big, noticeable flowers. While regular seeds don’t always allow for notable flowers to show up, they do permit for nice looking buds to grow. These flowers are also likely to stay on top of the plant. With regular seeds, sometimes the whole bunch simply topples over on itself, making it difficult to separate the buds from the main stem. With feminized cannabis seeds, this is prevented and the flowers are separated out so that you don’t have to worry about your flowering plants falling over.

Another advantage of using feminized seeds compared to regular seeds is the increased likelihood of getting cross-bred plants. Cross-bred plants are plants that produce traits of both the mother and father plant. This can make plants stronger, or produce offspring that have desirable characteristics of both parents. However, this has yet to be tested with marijuana.

Of course, like anything else, there are disadvantages to these plants as well. One of the major disadvantages of these is that they are more likely to be infected with fungus or other bacterial contaminants than regular seeds. Cross-bred plants are also more likely to produce large, open blossoms than their counterparts. Finally, though they are easier to grow, these buds often take longer to flower and bloom than their counterparts.

So what are the pros and cons of feminised seeds? The biggest pro is that they are easier to grow and yield more buds. While this might not seem like much, if you were to compare the yield of regular seeds grown by women versus those grown by men, you would notice a huge difference. If you are going to grow marijuana, you probably want to maximize the amount of buds you can yield.

Another pro is that cross-breeding eliminates the need for specialized growing conditions in order to achieve certain results. With traditional cannabis seeds, the only way to alter the outcome is through specialized growing techniques. With feminised seeds, all you need to do is provide a regular plant with the right environment to grow. Some growers have even altered their indoor growing practices so that they do not require a greenhouse in order to start with their plants. In this way, you do not have to purchase or learn any new skills in order to cultivate feminized plants.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to feminised seeds. These seeds do not last as long as regular cannabis seeds. Some growers believe that the reason why some buds do not last is because of cross-pollination between male and female plants. This means that when a cross-pollinated plant tries to reproduce, it might end up with a male plant instead of a female one. If you are interested in growing weed indoors, this may not be a problem to you but if you are looking for top quality, consistent results, you may have to go with regular seeds.

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