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The Advantages of Cultivating High-CBD Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds have an almost 50% possibility of growing as both females or male cannabis plants. As they make perfect male flowers, regular seeds are favored by breeders producing new generations of cannabis. Regular seeds can be found in a variety of forms from flowering tops to bracts to plantings. Some of these seeds and plants may not necessarily be strain types and some may be feminized to create new types of cannabis.

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There are several benefits for using feminized seeds in making the next generation of cannabis. The best benefit is the creation of new female plants that can produce regular seeds. Cultured feminized seeds can actually outlast their regular seeds counterpart. When cultivating feminized plants in pot crops, the mother plant can actually take over the role of nurturing the new shoots. This can even result in four-foot-long cannabis plants produced from three-inch regular seeds.

The biggest advantage of Cultured cannabis plants over regular ones is the ease of feminization. A female plant can be made into a new plant simply by adding one to her parent plant without undergoing any additional time-consuming steps. The time needed to make a new plant is essentially eliminated; the feminized seeds can be started immediately. The other advantage to Cultured cannabis plants is that there is very little difference in the finished product between a normal and a feminized seed. This allows for greater ease of consumption.

While the use of feminized seeds creates new strains of cannabis plants, some benefits exist for users of regular seeds. These seeds create male plants, but with the opposite characteristic; that is, they do not grow as well as the normal counterparts when it comes to extracting the highest amount of active compounds in the plant. However, most cultivators still create male plants, so that they can harvest pollen and create new strains of cannabis that are specifically aimed at feminization. Some cultivators prefer using regular seeds over feminized ones for this purpose. They then take the pollen from the males and use it to create new feminized strains of cannabis.

There are, however, certain disadvantages to Cultured cannabis seeds. Many regular cannabis seeds do not have the ability to deal with high levels of temperatures; which makes them unsuitable for outdoor growing. Some varieties also lack the ability to deal with high levels of acidity and do not survive well in acidic soil. Some seeds may be prone to fungal infections, and some are susceptible to frost damage. Some varieties also have low protein levels and thus may lack the enzymes that help a cannabis crop develop high-quality products.

In general, regular and feminized cannabis seeds are more time-consuming than autoflowering seeds. Because of the time required to cultivate each plant, most feminized cannabis plants take between six to twelve months to flower. This is because each female marijuana plant has to be divided and treated differently than a normal cannabis plant, making it take longer to produce. In addition, most of the work that must be done to grow and harvest feminized cannabis is done by technicians, meaning that it takes up to four full days each week to complete the cultivation process. Because of the time and effort that are involved, many people choose to simply buy feminized cannabis instead of waiting to grow their own. However, there are definite advantages to growing your own cannabis.

One of the most obvious advantages to choosing to grow your own is the selection factor. A consumer only needs to choose between two different types of cannabis seeds: one to get high, and one to get regular. Since you have control over which strain of cannabis to cultivate, you know exactly what you’re getting into. It is impossible to go wrong with any specific type of seed. This also means that no matter what type of plant you decide to cultivate, you know the eventual outcome and the final result will be rewarding. Because of this, those who are new to cultivating their own marijuana can pick out the strain that they want to grow from a wide variety of selections, avoiding the risk of cultivation mistakes that could potentially destroy all of your hard work.

Another advantage to high-cbd varieties is that they are easier to deal with when it comes to storage. Regular seeds, because of how many different variables are involved in their production, are not easy to store and can be ruined quickly if stored improperly. With regular seeds, the gardener only has to worry about harvesting the plant and putting it away. This simplicity has led many gardeners to choose to simply purchase high-cbd varieties as opposed to spending the time and money to try to grow their own.

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