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Why Hybrid Cannabis Seeds Is Superior To Ordinary Seedlings

The term “Seed” refers to the entire flowering plant stem, which consists of the flower, underground stems, underground leaves, fruit and seeds. Seeds are often sold for medicinal purposes, storage and genealogy. General legal note: Seeds are illegal in many countries, please check the law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and products associated with cannabis culture in your country. You may also be penalized with heavy fines if caught selling or cultivating cannabis or hashish. Do not try to circumvent the law.

Some of the world’s most well-known brands of marijuana include names such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, Humbug; Cheese; Purple Coneflower; Dwarf Two-Chop, Hawaiian Cougar and Lemon Grass. Some of these varieties are hybrids, containing two or more distinct species. Some of these seeds are rare, hard to find, or only grown under strict conditions. The most common strains of cannabis are Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Some of the more popular hybrids are Hawaiian Ballast, White Dreamer, White Reaper, Moroccan Green, Cinderella, Russian Doll, Mexican Pils, English Ivy, Moroccan Herbs, French Paradise, German Psilo, South African AIDS, Moroccan Ganja, Mexican Chronic, Black Seed, Sicilian Nights, Brazilian Bonito and California Sunshine.

The debate between sativa or indica cannabis in terms of potency, strain type and hybridization tends to rage on. While much of the debate is based on the opinions of doctors and scientific researchers, who all have various theories as to why some strains are more potent than others, the real truth is that there are simply too many variable factors affecting potency. For example, the potency of a particular strain can be affected by things such as weather, soil, and elevation. Even the temperature at which the seed was germinated can play a role in the final potency level of the finished product.

When it comes to strain type, there are basically two main types of cannabis strains: Indicas and hybrids. Indicas are, as the name suggests, produce the plant from the original parent plant. Hybrid cannabis strains are like a cross between two or more original plants. Hybrid strains have yet to actually be named but are described as “something that looks like” an original cannabis strain, though there is currently no way to distinguish one strain from another without examination of the genetics.

So what are the differences between sativa or indica cannabis? There really isn’t any big difference between the final product, although some strains may be more potent than others. Overall, strains are treated in similar ways when it comes to the preparation and the drying of the final product. Some, such as Hawaiian Ballast, White Dreamer and White Reaper, have been treated with high heat to remove any remaining hairs during the growing process. Others such as Diesel and Kush are kept in warm environments, often between seventy and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, to encourage the complete elimination of the live plant.

In general, indica vs sativa should be considered a preference based decision for the consumer. Each type of cannabis seed offers different benefits and advantages. Many consumers may find that one is the “way” to go and will produce the best results. However, there are many growing conditions and steps that must be followed for each particular plant, including the use of chemicals. The choice between indica vs sativa may come down to personal preference for potency or environment and nourishment.

Sativa versus indicas also has some pros and cons when compared to hybrid cannabis seeds. The best and most flavorful marijuana comes from hybrid and autoflower strains, as they are closer to the actual original state of development. This makes for a higher quality plant with little or no noticeable after taste. Some sativa or indica strains have been cross bred to create hybrid and autoflower varieties, but this has not happened with ruderalis genetics.

Hybrid cannabis plants often do not take kindly to treatment with chemical fertilizers, soil additives, or pesticides, which may make some non-hybrid cannabis seeds unusable. Many indoor growing enthusiast choose hybrid and autoflower varieties to achieve all of their desired results. Indoor growing is also a very cost effective method of growing cannabis. You can easily save money by growing cannabis with indoor growing facilities and the equipment needed to grow the plants at home.

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