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Advantages and Disadvantages of Autoflowering cannabis Seeds

REGULAR SEEDS. Regular seeds used to be the consequence of sexual reproduction between an ovule (vulva-bearing) flower and a male (seeds producing) plant. In general cultivation, these seeds are generally the product of unassisted hand-pollination. Some hybrid varieties are the result of cross pollination between plants of different sexes.

Advantages of these regular seeds: compared to ordinary greenhouse crops (such as Pot Marigolds or Hybrids), they are free of pests and do not require the use of herbicides. In addition, their germination is faster and their growth rate is higher. The disadvantage of these regular cannabis seeds is that the female plant needs adequate light, water and temperature to grow well. The male plant rarely pollinates female plants.

Terpenes: they contain a terpenoid which is the reason for the fragrance. There are only two Terpenes present in Regular seeds, which are: Linalool and limonene. These two chemicals have a synergistic effect when mixed together. Some of the products based on these regular seeds include: Limonene shampoo, Limonene oil, Terpenes soap, Linalool oil, Terpenes hair gel etc.

Feminized Plants. The term “feminized plants” refers to plants that have undergone sexual reproduction via a gamete, i.e. by crossing one sex with another through sexual intercourse. Many hybrids of cannabis, which contain the gene for producing feminized plants, have been developed recently. These have made gardening easier, as they can tolerate less water, can tolerate some disease and are resistant to some pests.

Resistance to Disease: apart from other advantages, the resistance ability of Regular seeds to disease is also a major advantage in comparison with hybrid varieties. The Regular seeds, as compared to the hybrid varieties, contain fewer genetic mutations that can lead to resistance to disease. However, the disadvantages of these Regular seeds, like the disadvantages of Hybrid varieties, can be nullified if you use only the correct seeds.

Increase in crop yield: with the increase in crop yields, demand for agricultural products has also increased. As the crops are grown more, so is the need for more land. This in turn, will require more inputs, energy and resources. This will result in an increase in the prices of agricultural products. Regular autoflowering seeds can help you save money for future years. These advantages in return create a market for auto flowering seeds.

Resistance to Pests: another advantage of Regular seeds is that they resist most common pests like white-flies, aphids, grubs, ticks, lizards, snails, and gophers. These new strains of plants do not readily succumb to insects attacking their grains. This is another advantage of regular seeds over hybrid varieties. In case of Resistance to pests, some of the disadvantages of the new strains can be negated by increasing the dosage of insecticides required to control the problem.

Resistance to Disease: Some of the diseases common to most fields are insect-related. If the farmer wants to increase the yields of his crops and cut down on the costs involved in cultivation, then he should go in for regular seeds. Since resistance to disease is one of the major advantages of using this variety of seeds, the geneticists have added to the pool of genetic material used to improve upon the characteristics of the grains. This strain has also been crossbred to increase the yield of some crops.

Limited Variety: unlike hybrid varieties, autoflowering cannabis seeds are not allowed to cross pollinate with other non-autoflowering cannabis plants. This limits the diversification of these crops. Moreover, only a few of these plants are able to tolerate the climatic conditions prevailing in the area of their intended cultivation. They are also restricted to a limited number of bud types – namely, Culinary (cup) and Indoor (buds). Hybrid varieties have been introduced to cater to the increasing demand of medical marijuana users. In addition, the federal government has banned the production, transportation and consumption of autoflowering cannabis seeds on three national-level drug trafficking occasions: the Marihuana Harvest Festival, the National Abstract Extraction Month, and the Medical Marijuana Relief Month.

However, the disadvantages of regular seeds are not as obvious as they appear initially. First of all, it is evident that the limited variety and the limited supply of buds limit the production of each plant type drastically. There are essentially three types of strains – Sativa, Durum and hybrids. All three require different environmental factors, favorable soil and climate to grow well. While hybrid cannabis plants are easy to cultivate and yield highly desirable results, they have been reported to be more susceptible to diseases and pests compared to the Sativa strain.

The second disadvantage is related to the production of these cannabis plants. Although these buds have been developed through biotechnology, the final product is still subject to the stringent standards of the greenhouse. Therefore, the final product has a considerably shorter shelf life than the non-hybrid autoflowering cannabis plant. It is also not feasible to propagate this plant to other locations or environments. But the advantages outweigh these disadvantages when compared to the production of regular seeds.

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