Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Or Hybrid Strain? – Which Is the Best Regular Seeds For Potency?

Regular seedlings may be the traditional standard cannabis plant pot; but they certainly provide gardeners with tons of potential for personal experimenting. The reason they’re called regular seeds isn’t because they’re the actual standard genetics they were bred from; it’s because they actually behave like nature intended and are therefore able to produce the same growing process as nature intended. So why not go for the best of both worlds? Use indica and sativa strains and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Indica and sativa are the actual two types of cannabis plants that are used for producing regular marijuana crops. Indicas grow tall and dense, producing compact, heavy buds while sativa produces smaller, thinner plants with a shorter blooming phase. Both types can also be grown outdoors; though some indoor growers prefer the indoors over the outdoors since they’re less likely to be bitten by insects. But when it comes to choosing between sativa and indica seeds for growing regular cannabis, the winner is usually indica over sativa because of the higher yield of high-quality buds.

Hybrid seeds are cannabis seeds that contain one regular set of chromosomes from one species of cannabis plant and one set of chromosomes from another species. Some people call these hybrid seeds “super seeds” or “hybrid”, but this is not entirely true. It’s possible to cross a certain species with its counterpart without changing the basic composition of the plant, which is what the hybrid seeds do. Crossbreeding makes it possible for even two plants to share the same hybrid seeds. In fact, many hybrid strains have been created from very old and established hybrid strains.

These seedlings are created by combining two or more common strains. Two popular examples of this are Shishi-Goji and Moroccan Herbal. Many people use these seeds because of their high cannabidiol (CBD) levels and their overall similarity to regular seeds. However, Shishi-Goji and Moroccan Herbal are actually a separate species. These hybrid seeds are actually a cross between the well-known cannabis cbd and Malayan Silver Needle. While both plants grow great, there are notable differences between these two plants:

Regular cannabis seeds are typically rich in CBD and low in THC, making them extremely powerful in relieving symptoms of ailments such as glaucoma and epilepsy. These indica strains are very popular among many suffers of these illnesses, making it easy to find many clinics and medical marijuana facilities that offer them to patients. But despite their potency, they’re not as effective as the best indica strains. Some medical marijuana centers are trying to make an improvement by crossbreeding indica strains with high-quality sativa strains.

Another thing to take into consideration is how fast you can grow multiple harvests of buds. If you want to start small and grow multiple harvests over a short period of time, then the high-potency cannabis strain buds are for you. These high-quality cannabis strains have the highest yield but are also most sensitive to disease. Crossbreeding these plants would increase their yield but increase the risk of disease and poor quality of buds. It’s better to stick to regular seed plants when growing multiple harvests, in order to get the highest yield possible.

Some hybrid plants, such as Thai, Lemon Diesel, Hawaiian, and Russian genetics, are less potent than their regular seed counterparts because they have been crossed with a male plant to make them more female. When crossbreeding with male plants, the female plants don’t have to undergo the same selection process as the males do. This gives the hybrids higher potency and high yields. There is one downside to crossbreeding with female cannabis plants; producing a plant that has both male and female characteristics. This sometimes happens with crossbred strains of hybrid cannabis plants because of certain traits that females have that males don’t, and it’s a very rare occurrence.

Whether or not hybrid high-potency cannabis strains are the best regular seeds for you depends on what you’re looking to get from your purchase. If you just want high quality with a little less potency, go with regular seed for now. Hybrid plants offer the best overall potency when used in conjunction with regular marijuana strains.

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