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Sativa Vs Indica Marijuana Strain

It is common knowledge that different strains of marijuana can be separated into different classes according to their marijuana‘s characteristics. However, in order to differentiate between the different classes of marijuana, it is important to know the genetic makeup of each strain. Most people believe that all marijuana is the same and they cannot distinguish one from another unless they have the proper genetic background to do so. This is however completely untrue. Marijuana strain can vary depending on where it was grown as well as the climatic factors. Here is a list of the three main types of marijuana.

Sativa or Sedona marijuana is considered the strongest of all strains. It is a cross of indica and sativa plants. When you cross an indica with sativa you create a powerful hybrid. The hybrids produced by crossing indica and sativa are often known as “sativa dominant” strains. Some of the most famous sativa strains include Black Cohosh, Black Diesel, Lemon Grass, Haba, and Motrin.

Indica or Indian hemp is considered the most common type of weed seed used in marijuana cultivation. Many people often confuse indica with culottes, which are two separate species of cannabis. There are also other varieties of cannabis that contain no cannabidiol at all, for example, Charlotte’s Web. Some of the most famous Indica varieties are Lemon Diesel, Haba, and Pearl Haze.

Hybrid marijuana is created by cross-breeding two specific strains. This means that you would create new plants that would yield better results when grown under the same conditions. Cross-breeding has increased the chances that some strains would yield more-than-anticipated results. The most notable example of this is Hybrids X and Y. Hybrids X and Y contain almost exactly the same amounts of THC, but Hybrids X and Y each have much higher auto flower seeds.

There are also clear differences between sativa species. Some varieties of sativa are much taller than other strains, while others are short. Some have lower THC levels and higher cannabidiol levels. The differences in autoflower seeds found between Sativa and Autoflower seeds could explain why some strains of potbellies grow tall and some only grow short.

The cannabidiol levels of the cannabis sativa or indica crops also come into play when you compare them. Cannabidiol levels in plants tend to be highest in younger plants. In older plants, cannabidiol levels are lower. A higher cannabidiol level in newer plants can explain why some strains of potbellies blossom later and earlier than other plants of the same type. In older plants, the flowering buds and stalks are covered with cappollen, which has a strong sedative effect on the mind and calm the body.

Another way to compare between the cannabis sativa strains and the growing indica plants is with respect to potency. In mature plants, many of the cannabis sativa strains contain more CBD than any of the indica strains. The highest amount of CBD is found in the hybrid strains. The CBD in the hybrid marijuana is often taken with care and is more potent than in the indica variety. This means that although indica is the better choice in many ways, it is not necessarily the better choice when it comes to potency.

When you are comparing between the sativa and the indica, remember that although both contain what are considered to be psychoactive substances, they behave differently in different people. Many studies show that Sativa tends to act more like a muscle relaxant in people who are already mildly anxious about the day’s events. On the other hand, most indicas act more like relievers for anxiety and stress. This is due to their calming effect and because of the psychoactive ingredient known as THC. Therefore, to sum up, when deciding between sativa vs the indica, always keep your own unique needs in mind and consider how you would want to use the weed.

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