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As you travel across the United States, you will notice that each state has different laws relating to medical or recreational cannabis. In some states, recreational cannabis is completely legal, while in others only permit those who have a valid prescription from a physician to grow and possess cannabis plants for the sole purpose of personal consumption. The laws related to these two classes of cannabis are often very different, but there are some general rules you should know when choosing a shipping company to purchase your cannabis seed.

When it comes to legal growers in the United States, most of the companies you’ll find on the market are part of what is known as a “recreational cannabis seed bank.” These banks are designed to provide a safe environment for people who are growing their own weed and to also give out information to those who are interested in starting a business involving growing marijuana. Seed banks typically do not lend money to individuals who are involved with the cannabis industry as a profession, however. These growers are typically growing for others who are legally able to do so under state law. Some examples of such cultivators include those who live in states like California and Massachusetts where the cannabis plant is legal for medicinal purposes.

Most reputable seed banks that ship to the United States will only deal with licensed growers. These growers have been approved through the state to receive certification to do so. If an individual is interested in buying legitimate marijuana, they must be sure that the person they’re buying from has gone through a background check and that the individual has obtained the proper certification. Just because a person has been certified does not mean that they are illegal drug dealers. Rather, it simply means that they’ve been carefully verified as having the ability to do what they say they can. Just because you see a crop of high quality cannabis at a local garden shop doesn’t mean that the crop was shipped into the United States.

Legitimate providers of cannabis seeds and plants have been in business for years. They do it legally. They have an extensive amount of experience and know how to get the job done. Their products come from farms in various parts of Mexico and South America. While some have been shipped to other countries, most are shipped discretely through air cargo or sea freight.

With discreet shipping, buyers are assured that their packages will arrive on business days. This is because it takes time to cultivate the crops and transport them to different areas. When an investor invests in these seeds and plants, they don’t want to find themselves sitting with paperwork and waiting days for their product to get to them. For this reason, reputable companies that offer these services are known to have fast shipping options.

A good example of top seed banks is the one that started it all – the cannabis seed lending network called Seedling of Paradise. Their seeds are sold legally and discreetly through a variety of sources – online seed stores, direct sales from farmers to retailers, shops and others. The network itself operates five days a week and has been in business for years. It has an efficient growing system, a free growing guide, a robust customer service department, a friendly financial service team, and free shipping options to select from.

Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, investors who care about staying within the law should think about investing in small scale operations that do it themselves. For one, it saves time and money because no licenses or taxes need to be paid. Plus, no one is forced to buy marijuana in U.S. stores if they don’t want to, which makes sales more mature and realistic.

In the end, investing in cannabis seeds and plants can be a great way to start an investment portfolio. Just remember that you aren’t investing in actual marijuana buds or plants. Investing in small-scale production operations allows you to get involved in a new industry without the complications of federal cannabis laws and can help you stay compliant with state and local laws. That’s a good thing, especially now.

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