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What is the difference between regular seed and feminized marijuana seeds? At first sight one can not easily appreciate the differences that differentiate the regular seeds from their modern day counterparts, and the regular seeds from long-lasting marijuana seeds. Regular seeds come originally from the crossing of a male (XY) with a female (XX), which means that their genetic material is composed of both sexes. The female marijuana plant will produce only one single flower in her lifetime, whereas a regular seed will be able to produce an unlimited number of flowers. Another key distinction between regular seeds and feminized marijuana seeds is that the former have the ability to grow up to three times faster than the latter. This means that they can easily be stored for much longer periods, are generally used by professional growers to produce smaller amounts of marijuana quickly, are less expensive to cultivate, are easy to grow in small spaces, are less difficult to detect, have very low maintenance needs, are more resistant to pests and fungi, and produce high quality, consistent flowering buds.

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Feminized Seeds One of the biggest challenges marijuana grower’s face is how to get feminized seeds to grow and mature in a short space of time. To grow regular marijuana seeds takes just as long, if not longer, than it does to grow feminized seeds. Marijuana plants take between eight and nine months to develop from a tiny bulb to a full shrub. In order to produce the best quality, most regular plants grow to a height of about three feet, however when grown with feminized seeds this growth is shortened to just four feet.

Genetics Tricky as it may seem, getting your seeds to grow faster is all in the timing. For this reason, the first few days after you begin planting your regular seed mixture are crucial. You must ensure that your seeds are exposed to full sun and intense light. During this time female marijuana plants produce a large number of hormones called aromatics. These are the same hormones which produce a pleasant aroma in marijuana.

One of the easiest ways to speed up the process is through hybrid strains. There are many kinds of hybrid strains out there. However, black widow regular seeds are one of the best because they are highly resistant to insects. They also have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The key is to make sure that the plants you choose have similar requirements so that your seeds will grow fast.

Regular Seed When you purchase regular seeds for growing marijuana plants you’re buying them from a specialist who grows and develops them specifically for growing fast and healthy. A lot of seed companies now breed their plants to produce fast growing cannabis plants, often by selecting specific traits or characteristics. Some popular characteristics include fast growth, hardy temperament, disease resistance, tolerance for high-altitude environments, tolerance for poor soil quality and being drought resistant. Some of these traits can be combined in order to create a very powerful hybrid strain.

Indica Strains When growing cannabis plants from seeds you’re going to end up with a lot of different types of strains. Some are highly prized because they’re the perfect choice for indoor growing. Others are suited to outdoor growing. Some are extremely good for producing big buds while others are better for producing smaller buds that don’t weigh too much. You need to be aware of the differences between these strains to choose the right one.

Hybrid Strain Creating feminized strains has been a challenge for many growers. Some of the best hybrid strains are created by cross pollinating other well known cannabis plants, such as African Sativa with Columbian cannabis, for example. These feminized strains will typically flower much earlier than seeds from purebred plants, around four weeks after the pollen is taken from the cross-pollinated plant. This makes them great for indoor gardens, especially when you don’t want to have to worry about getting the timing of the plant right.

Autoflowering Seeds are another way to create a feminized plant. This method involves taking pollen from a flower or vegetable and making the plant grow an extra leaf or even shoot to replace the pollen that fell to the ground. This is an old method that has been used by growers for a long time but new methods have developed over the years. Some of these methods include autoflowering capabilities and some produce petals instead of pollen. While autoflowering seeds might not be right for all kinds of gardens, they can be an excellent choice if your goal is to reproduce a plant, rather than just creating a flower.

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