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The Difference Between Feminized and Regular Seed

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The Difference Between Feminized and Regular Seed

Regular seeds may be the regular weed type marijuana plant seed; but they give growers a lot of options for experiment. The reason they’re called regular seeds is that they’re representative of the kind of marijuana that has been cultivated over centuries. They don’t make any special promises; all they do is tell you what kind of marijuana plant you should grow. In this article, we’ll go over why some kinds of marijuana are best used in regular seed form and some you shouldn’t grow at all.

Regular seed marijuana is normally grown from a single marijuana plant. Some kinds, like indica, are able to grow up to twelve plants at a time (with only a single male plant producing male plants). Other kinds, like sativa, can grow up to forty plants. But the really big difference with regular seed versus feminized seeds is this: with feminized seeds, the marijuana plant produces only female flowers. This means that the marijuana plant will only produce flowers for one year – and then stops growing.

This shortcoming can hinder many kinds of marijuana growers, but not all. Most experienced breeders want their plants to produce more flowers, so they keep trying to help their plants grow longer and produce more flowers. feminized seeds solves that problem by allowing growers to continue growing the plants’ natural feminine qualities – but increasing the number of buds that produce flowers. In other words, feminized seeds let the gardener have more flowers without any interference. Experienced cannabis Genetics enthusiasts know how frustrating that can be!

When you grow feminized seeds, the female plants are crossed with a male plant to create a new plant with the female characteristics. The new plant’s parents are still going to be male plants – it’s just that now, instead of producing male flowers, the plants will be producing female flowers. It’s a very simple method that ensure an equal distribution of genes between the two genders, and it makes breeding two different types of marijuana very easy. Growers get to control exactly what they’re going to grow and when.

Many successful breeders have begun using feminized seeds for their own personal breeding projects. Some gardeners don’t care about increasing the number of flowers – they just want to grow higher quality buds. For these people, feminized seeds are perfect for breeding. Since feminized seeds contain only female characteristics, the plants have the exact same qualities as regular cannabis seeds.

If you’re a serious grower, you may be concerned that breeding regular cannabis seeds will allow you to cheat on the laws of nature and cheat other people out of high quality marijuana. You don’t have to worry about that. Since feminized seeds only have female characteristics, the plants won’t produce male flowers. They won’t do anything else – that’s why it’s easy to tell a plant is feminized. When you buy a feminized seed, you’ll be able to see the cut leaf running down (hence the name).

There are some growers who choose to skip breeding and go straight to growing high quality marijuana plants with feminized seeds. Some of these farmers make a living growing marijuana with feminized seed, but many other growers simply use the regular seeds. There are many reasons to choose a specific breed over another variety, and some of them have more to do with growing conditions than the sex of a plant. Some types of hybrid cannabis plants grow better if they get a lot of sunlight, while other types do better in low light environments. Some grow better in shade, and others have more tolerance for low moisture situations. If a grower is growing a plant in one of these conditions, using a regular seed will allow the grower to control exactly how much and what kind of sun or water the plant will get.

Some hybrid plants are also developed specifically to handle different growing conditions. These growers can tell from the type of seeds that they’re growing which kinds of conditions the plant can handle most effectively. Some plants can handle a lot of sun, while others may need more shade. Some types of hybrid cannabis plants can do well in indoor growing conditions, and some cannot tolerate it at all. If a grower buys a regular seed and tries to grow their plant in one of those conditions, it could end up being more expensive than if they had used feminized seeds. Many growers do grow regular seeds, because they know they’ll be able to grow certain types of hybrid cannabis plants that can make regular seed more expensive.

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