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How To Get Potency In Your Crops With Different Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to growing great marijuana, one of the best tools you can invest in is a good marijuana seed. Doing so ensures you’ll get your fair share of the premium value out of feminized, female seeds, whether you’re looking for high-class indoor buds, high-class trim, or premium seedlings. Any reputable dealer will tell you this, regardless of whether or not he sells Indica or Sativa. Indica and Sativa are the two most popular strains of marijuana grown, but which one is the best choice?


For starters, there are three main categories of marijuana, Indica, Sativa, and Releaf. Sativa and Releaf are the two primary categories of cannabis. The difference between these three stems in part from how each type’s buds are structured. Sativa and Indica buds are designed to be short and tightly packed with powerful, long-lasting flowers; Sativa and Indica buds are designed to be long and more open with a higher concentration of floral potency. This is the basis on which Sativa and Indica are compared. While many prefer the short and open sativa varieties for their potent flowers, others appreciate the long-lasting sativa varieties for their ability to provide longer lasting bud times.

When buying a new crop of cannabis seeds and growing plants, you will first need to know the type of plant you want to grow. Next, you will need to decide on which stage of the plant’s life it is in (i.e. is it still in the flowering stage or has it reached the flowering stage already). Knowing this will help you choose the ideal time to grow your crops depending on what you want to get out of them.

Some popular varieties are Sativa, Lemon Herb, Bubbles and Skunk. Some varieties can be grown indoors but many prefer to have their plants outdoors. If your garden is large enough, it may be desirable to have separate rooms for each room of your house that you grow cannabis seeds in. You can purchase seedlings specifically intended for outdoors, indoor gardens and indoor herb rooms. Most seed companies sell various types of seeds that can be used for either indoor or outdoor growing.

One option for growing cannabis seeds indoors is putting the seeds directly into a plastic pot. Many experienced growers feel this is one of the most effective ways to get high quality buds. Because the growing medium is so easy to clean up and there is not a lot of room to move the seed around, this method allows the growers to control exactly when the seeds germinate and begin producing buds. Because the plastic is translucent, it makes it easier to see when the seedlings are turning into leaves and turning into buds. Some growers even use water mist to speed up seedling growth.

The second way to get marijuana seeds that are more potent is to purchase marijuana seeds from breeders who sell selective breeding lines of strains. These are specially created strains with specific characteristics that make them highly desirable in high end indoor growing. Good breeders will be able to tell you the traits of each variety as well as what caused certain genes to become more prevalent in certain strains.

A third way to get potent cannabis seeds is through genetics. Some companies have been successful in creating new genetics that result in even more potent crops. The companies are usually very careful to ensure that the new genetics result in crops with even greater potency, making each plant an even higher profit crop. There are some risks involved with this method because the results can be unpredictable and it can take years to develop a new strain.

Some growers are turning to the use of feminized seeds cannabis seeds for indoor growing. This means that the pollen from male plants has been mixed with the pollen from female plants during the germination process. This allows the female plants to develop without having the male chromosomes. This results in plants that are very potent with more estrogen than male plants would produce. Growers who are looking to save money can also do well with these feminized plants because the price for every plant is generally much less than it would cost to cultivate and harvest standard male plants.

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