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Regular Seed Marijuana Seeds

If you are a regular seed grower, you know that genetics can have a hand in what kinds of flowers your garden produces. For example, some flowers like the Colorado Cherry Blossom, Black Eyed Susans or Lilies are hardy and produce big, showy blooms. Others like the Hawaiian Papaya, Hawaiian Paradise, or Purple Coneflower are typically low-growing plants that don’t flower until late spring or summer. But the key to producing a garden full of color and excitement is understanding the differences between your favorite strains. When we say ‘color,’ we mean the difference between the flowers’ petals, stamens, pistils and roots. In this article, we’ll examine three main sub-flowers found in most flowering plants.

Sativa: These are the best weed strains to get started with because they’re fast growing and relatively maintenance free. Most sativa seeds are high in THC, the mind-altering substance found in marijuana. In fact, regular cannabis seeds produce about half as much THC as indica seeds do. Sativa also grows well in most climates and is tolerant to cold and heat. The 14 top best weed strains to purchase and grow, ranked by most popular breed breeds.

Indica: Indica marijuana seeds are most popular because they are the most common, easily grown and best weed variety. Some hybrid varieties, such as Lemon Syndrome, are even better than Indica. Indica cannabis seeds are typically high in CBD, the brain supporting substance found in marijuana. Even though they do not contain THC, Indica marijuana seeds are great for starting out because they don’t grow that quickly and will stay small.

Sativa: Although slower to grow than indica plants grow, and slower to bloom, sativa plants are the original form of the famed “Cinderella” flower. The slow growing, full size plants are prized for their dulcet, sweet aroma. Some sativa hybrid varieties have even been crossed with the original Afghani and produced strains with a sweet but strong aroma. The less-well-known sativa seeds are also high in CBD, making them ideal for pot-smokers.

Biologically the word “biologically distinct” describes true gender flowers. This does not refer to plants where one or both of the pollen cups are distinctly female. No matter what part of a species is exposed to environmental factors, both sexes will develop both genders. If a plant has been cross bred with another plant, the outcome is likely to be some mixture of the two sexes. Crossbreeding may produce plants with traits that are desirable for certain situations, such as producing high CBD, but may cause a reduction in some other desirable characteristics that are desired for another reason.

By crossbreeding “regular seeds” with indica or other cannabis strains that have already been described, a new plant is created that will fit within the existing environment. The result is a cannabis strain that have all the desirable traits of the original Afghani but is usually higher in CBD. It may have higher THC and maybe less CBD than its counterpart, but would it have the “candy flower” scent that many people love? Only time will tell with these new hybrid strains.

An example of an indica hybrid in production is the Cinderella cannabis strain. Some of the most popular strains are the Hawaiian or Jamaican Blue Mountains and the French Roost. These are crossbred with some of the best known cannabis strains from around the globe, such as the African Dream or Thai Ginseng. This Cinderella cannabis seeds type is known as the Cinderella cut, because it produces and indica like trait, which is basically a lower level of CBD. However, it is still high in THC and has the highest potency of any cannabis product.

Some of the best hybrid cannabis seeds available include the French Roost, Moroccan Green, Hawaii Island and Cinderella. Each has its own unique characteristic that is crossbred with various other strains, resulting in the creation of new products that have the potential to become the next huge thing in potpourri. In order to fully appreciate your new product, you should grow it yourself from regular marijuana seeds. Grow it outdoors under dark, shade and only light sufficient to encourage the seeds. The benefits of growing your very own pot will quickly show themselves after this initial expense.

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