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Seed is a hot commodity for the marijuana connoisseurs. But then again who are the consumers of marijuana? Seeds are sold widely for preservation, storage and souvenirs. General public warning: Seeds are illegal in many countries, please ensure your country’s laws regarding seeds, paraphernalia & other merchandise related to cannabis culture. If in any doubt, contact your local authorities and seek their legal advice.


There are a variety of marijuana strains. Some of these include Indica, Moroccan, Hawaiian, Thai, African, European and Californian. These strains are hybrids. The most common way of producing hybrid strains is by crossing two cannabis plants with the same mother plant, resulting in new plants with new traits. However, sometimes even better results can be achieved by inter-breeding two different cannabis plants or even different cultivars. Some hybrids are extremely rare and produce limited quantities of the desirable qualities.

The best time to harvest seeds is during the late summer. This is the time when most seedlings begin to flower and create new leaves and buds. Marijuana breeders and enthusiasts often wait until late summer or fall in order to harvest potent strains. But although this is the best season for growing and harvesting marijuana seeds, some still grow their plants in the spring. The main reason for this is because the weather is still mild with very little change. This results in more consistent harvests.

So which marijuana strains should you be growing? Both sativa or indica cannabis are great. Some of the most popular hybrid strains are Hawaiian, African and Californian. But below are two different hybrid marijuana strains to look at.

The first strain is Hawaiian. It produces a rich and thick blanket of flowers on top with very little green foliage. It is also known as the “power” strain because it produces large amounts of resin, or what we call CBD, with each bloom. You should harvest your CBD-bearing seeds frequently because they have a tendency to go dormant during cold winter months.

The second strain is African. It is similar to the Hawaiian with a rich blanket of flowers. But it is different in that it produces very little resin with each bloom. Since CBD has very low potency, you should only expect to harvest about 70 days worth of CBD-bearing seeds. If the flower grows too much, then it will not have had enough time to grow too much CBD and consequently will produce weak, small-leaved buds.

The last strain to look at is the Californian. This is actually the oldest and the most reputable strain in the world. It is actually believed that it was created by combining the DNA of cannabis users with the aggressive traits of the indica and California poppy plants. Some growers are known for keeping the pollen under lock and key so only select family members can enjoy it. It is also famous because it produces some of the highest THC levels in the cannabis world.

If you’re looking for a high yield, strong smelling, highly potent CBD-bearing crop to cultivate yourself, it would be wise to try the California. Many people agree that the best way to cultivate this powerful weed is to mimic the strains that were originally grown in the Golden State. There are many people who grow cannabis seeds indoors for this reason. In fact, if you visit a lot of these websites you’ll see that so many people are growing the California. But which one is the best?

One way to differentiate between the two strains is to look at the genetics they both contain. In general, you should look for high CBD levels from the indica vs sativa strains. This is important to know when trying to choose which variety is the best. Many people who are growing cannabis seeds indoors will go with the hybrid types since they have a high CBD level. While this might work well, you run the risk of overpowering the potency of the actual plant you are growing if you choose too small or too large of an herb garden.

On the other hand, the hybrid strains that are auto-flowering are much stronger than the indica or California poppy type. These are not only the strongest, but they are also the most expensive. However, there is nothing better than having a strong, great smelling, and extremely strong smelling product to inhale. With auto-flowering, you can choose between different strains that can all be low in CBD without sacrificing any of the potency. This means that you can grow a powerful marijuana crop, but it will be weaker than what you would get by choosing only one type.

When looking into hybrid autos, you will definitely want to know about the characteristics of each one. Some of the characteristics to look for include the amount of THC in the herb, the yield indoors ability, and whether the plant has been hybrid or not. You should keep in mind that while the auto-flowering traits are very powerful, they do not create a great crop as quickly as the other two options. It might take four or more weeks to fully mature, but the yields are much higher and the effects are longer-lasting.

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