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Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds: Taking Care of Your Plants

Regular seeds are a good breeding line to express an even balance of male and female chromosomes; perfect for growing marijuana. Growing out big varieties of either male or female flowers with regular seeds is a great way to grow many different types of flowering plants. Learning about the life cycle of each cannabis plant and knowing which plants belong to what sex, is going to give you the edge when pottering for a regular seed. Here’s a quick explanation of the life cycles of some common flowers.

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Ligusticum is actually a regular seed, but it has been bred to become feminized. Because ligusticac is a flower, it must go through the process of maturation, where the flowers will go through periods of blooming and then fall off. In order to complete this process of making the flower feminized, the flower will be placed into a pot and covered with regular seeds, which have been altered by the breeder. As each flower blooms, it will have changed the seeds inside to make them more feminine. After the last flower falls off, the pot will be discarded and the plant will return to its normal state.

Sativa is another commonly used type of marijuana. It is a perennial herb with a short lived blooming stem. Its full growth can reach three feet high and have a very full head. Due to the short lived blooming stem of sativa, marijuana growers prefer to harvest the plants at the height of their growth. Harvesting late will allow the plant to rest, allowing the shorter, more potent buds to bloom during its resting period.

When the plant starts to bloom the flower will contain two sets of regular cannabis seeds. One set is made up of female flowers and the other is made up of male flowers. These are separated by the use of an auto-flowering seed guide. The reason why growers prefer to grow feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular seeds is because the autoflowering system ensures that only female flowers bloom.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are considered to be highly ideal for those who wish to grow their own marijuana plants indoors. It has the ability to replicate the process of marijuana plants, which was originally discovered more than fifty years ago. Some of the reasons why regular seeds are better than feminized seeds includes high quality yield, lesser time for harvesting, and less time spent trimming the plants after harvest. With this method, marijuana breeders and farmers can create bigger plots of land and produce a greater amount of crops per area.

Autoflowering seeds will need to be handled and nurtured in much the same way as regular seeds, especially with regards to ensuring that they are planted correctly. However, some growers prefer to do it differently, believing that doing so helps them control the environment and the pests that they would otherwise encounter if they tried to grow regular seeds. There are also a few disadvantages to be aware of when it comes to auto flowering marijuana genetics. First of all, it is significantly more expensive than regular seeds due to the fact that it contains two sets of cannabis seeds instead of just one.

Some of the common mistakes committed during the cultivation of autoflowering cannabis seeds are not planting the female counterparts on the correct spots. The female counterpart should be planted two inches below the male plant. They should also be planted in moist soil with lots of organic matter so that the female can properly get the nutrients that it needs. This will also allow for the perfect hatching of the female plants’ eggs.

A common mistake that many amateur breeders make is overfarming on the female plants. In doing so, they not only put their male plants at risk but also that of their female counterparts. Since the female plants are more prone to getting disease and insect infestations, you might end up over-farming. This practice can actually do more harm than good as it can lead to a slower rate of growth and stunted fruits because there is not enough room for the beneficial insects to take residence. For this reason, it is recommended that you under-fertilize your cannabis seeds by simply planting them in slightly lighter soil with good amounts of organic matter and allow them to grow to their full potential.

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