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Differences Between Sativa and Cavenette

Male cannabis indica inflower is a favorite among growers. The male flowers on this cannabis shrub are large, hollow, aromatic, white or yellow green, and have a limpid, sweet taste. The flowers are small and round; they bloom during late summer to early fall. The male flowers are covered with a bitter resin, which must be avoided as it contains acids that will destroy the delicate roots and stalks of the plant. The leaves have a lemon scent; the plant is very ornamental.

Female cannabis indica inflower is smaller, darker green, and has many different colors of flowers. The female flowers are long, thin, dark green, glossy, pungent, bell colored, and have a sweet taste. The smell of the female flowers is pungent. The hybrid is favored by many gardeners as a replacement for marijuana. Many people who grow cannabis plants also try to grow this hybrid because of its hardy nature and disease resistant qualities.

One way to distinguish between the various strains of cannabis is to look for characteristics like the mature size of flowering buds and how much time they take to open. Both male and female plants have autoflower seeds and also have sativa levels of THC in their makeup. The autoflower seeds have a higher potency than the sativa strains. Popular strains such as Blackfire and Afghani have high THC levels in their makeup, which makes them better choices for producing large amounts of resin with little effort on the part of the grower.

Sativa seeds are generally low in THC and therefore should not be used when you are growing a large amount of cannabis for profit. The highest potency strains have large amounts of CBD present in the flower and buds. While they do contain large amounts of THC, CBD has been shown to be more effective at relieving symptoms when it comes to certain illnesses and are also believed to act as a natural combatant against inflammatory diseases. It is therefore common practice to use strains of cannabis with high CBD levels when dealing with inflammatory diseases.

There are two main types of cannabis seeds. It is common for most cannabis growers to cross both sativa and indica strains in order to produce stronger and more potent potencies. Cross Canna seed is a cross between indica and calcarea, which are often times combined with sativa for higher potency. When crossbreeding these two cannabis strains, there is an increased chance for yield to improve with each generation. Cross Canna has been shown to be a highly potent strain when grown in specific climates, although the quality may decrease if the plants are subject to harsh weather conditions.

Sativa plants are generally hardier than their calcarea counterparts and are able to grow under high stress. Some of the most popular cannabis strains in the United States include: Cavenette, White Knight, White Genius, Queen Anne, Bermuda Blue, Humboldt, and hybrid American Horseshoe. All of these plants have high levels of THC and CBD but are not as highly potent when compared to hybrid cannabis strains such as calendula, Hawaiian Hops, indica, and sativa plants.

In addition to these differences in potency and strain, another factor that affects the effectiveness of each type of cannabis seed is the terpenes that are contained within them. Terpenes are known to be each individual’s “unique fingerprint” when it comes to specific plant species. These are actually chemical compounds that are unique to each terpinen molecule within the plant. For example, one terpenem contains a hydrophobic effect on certain animals, which may prevent insects from pollinating the plant. This means that the plant will not be destroyed by insects, instead becoming too rare or extinct to be used by humans. The effect of the terpenes can also depend on the sex of the plant, with males being more sensitive to the effects of terpenes than females.

When comparing the differences between these two cannabis strains, the debate between sativa and Cavenette will likely rage on for quite some time. Many people use different varieties depending on the amount of stress they are experiencing, their mood, or simply because they like the taste of one strain versus the other. No matter what your reasons are, chances are you will find a great strain to fit your lifestyle.

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