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Cross Trunk and Super Skunk Vs indica cannabis seeds – The Great Debate

When you grow your own cannabis from seed, it is only natural that the end product will have its own distinct traits. It is an amazing process to see how a plant can transform in just a few short months from a tiny seedling to the full blown marijuana plant that we know today. Most seeds are sold only for personal souvenirs, preservation and storage. General legal notice: Seeds are illegal in many countries, please be sure your local law about seeds, paraphernalia, and other related products associated with cannabis culture.


Many people start growing cannabis seeds indoors for a variety of reasons. If you’re just getting started with your own garden or if you have never grown anything outdoors before, growing cannabis seeds indoors is a great way to learn the ropes and gain some confidence in the gardening world. If you’re ready to move outside and enjoy life outdoors, but you haven’t yet considered getting your very own outdoor garden, growing cannabis seeds indoors is a great way to learn and practice the basics. Growing outdoors is a completely different experience with all the different insects and plants you will encounter.

The most notable characteristics of Indica versus Sativa seeds are hardier and yield more than Cannabinosa, which is what most people would think of first when thinking of growing indoors. Indicas have shown to produce crops twice as fast as Cannabinosa; they also mature in more than 70 days. This speedy growth rate and extended flowering time is one of the biggest reasons they are highly prized by indoor gardeners. Other notable traits of Indicas include their ability to handle being indoors under partial shade and high humidity, their lower cost compared to Cannabinos and their ability to grow inside without soil.

There are two main types of cannabis that are categorized according to their genetics: Indica and Sativa. Sativa is a much more rare type of marijuana with its primary characteristic of being a short-flowering plant that only produces a single flower in a single year. A majority of sativa strains do not flower for more than two years. Some of the better indica strains are the Hybrid Malibu, Black indica and Blue tracker. All of these varieties are known for their hardiness and their genetics are almost exclusively found in Indica hybrids. Hybrid strains are created when two different genes are combined in order to create a new trait that has not been seen in other plants.

One of the main differences between indica and sativa is their flowering time. While indicas bloom from June to August, sativa’s bloom from December to February. It is also believed that there is a correlation between the height of a cannabis plant and its quality. Taller plants are generally more potent.

Indica seeds bloom much later in the year than the hybrid strains. These seeds are known as long seed and produce a large number of blooms. They are considered to be less potent than sativa strains and therefore produce smaller amounts of buds during their flowering time.

There are many hybrid strains out there but there is only one type of cannabis seed that is truly the purest form. It is a cross between two indica and sativa strains, which make it a rare and powerful compound. The most popular strain is the indica-sativa Cross Trunk, which was created by producer Dennis Hofler back in 1988. This specific Cross Trunk strain is the one that produces the most potent buds.

If you would like to try a cross between indica and sativa cannabis seeds then you will need to find an experienced breeder or grower. You should look to purchase your cannabis seed from a reputable grower who can offer you the highest quality product. When you are growing any type of cannabis seeds you are taking a great risk on the result. However, with the Cross Trunk and Super Skunk you should have an easy time. A knowledgeable seller will be able to tell you the best way to grow the varieties and what you can expect in return.

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