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When to Use Regular Seed Vs Autoflowering Seeds

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When to Use Regular Seed Vs Autoflowering Seeds

If you are growing cannabis, the most important issue to consider is the type of regular seed used. Regular seeds should yield a perennial percentage of female flowers and male flowers, which should make for a rich, strong and fertile crop. This can vary according to luck and environmental circumstances. Often times, the ratio will be 4-6 male plants for each 10 germinating seeds.

Most commonly, strains are crossbred to enhance the flowering time of the plants. A crossbred cannabis plant is a new plant that contain one characteristic of another plant already grown under controlled conditions and has been crossed with a known or desired plant so it contains the characteristics needed to produce a certain desired trait. In other words, when two plants are bred to make a specific type of cannabis, they will produce a new plant that shares only a part of its desirable trait from each parent plant. This new plant is then called a hybrid.

All good organic gardeners understand that it takes time and patience to learn the proper way to care for your plants. For instance, an indoor gardener will need to know how much water to use, and what kinds of food to give their plants in order to have a thriving garden. While all of this can be learned over time, it can be confusing to learn at the same time. This is where seed genetics come into play. Knowing how to determine which plants will produce the best results can make things much easier as a grower.

Durban Poison is a popular strain that can be found growing in many parts of South Africa. The name of the variety is derived from the local plant called,” Durban poison,” which means, “poison weed.” The taste is described as, “some sort of sweetish black flavor with a hint of grassy,” according to seed catalogues. Some of the most popular strains include the Beauty, White Lady, Queen Anne’s Lace, Dutchman’s Cricket, Ashworth Purple, Durban Poison, and Rooibos. Each has its own unique taste.

While it’s easy for people to enjoy the many different types of regular marijuana seeds, it is important to note that not all varieties are created equal. Each type of cannabis has a specific way in which it grows, produces flowers, and matures. While some types of cannabis may appear to produce flowers early in the season, it may take a full growing season before the plant shows signs of production. In this way, it is important to select the best marijuana seed strains, keeping in mind the time it takes them to mature.

Many experts recommend that potential breeders look to the indica and sativa strains for assistance in producing the best crops. While the two types of cannabis plant are different, they have genetics in common. Indoor and outdoor strains have almost the same characteristics, except for the height of the plants. It is possible to increase the height by selecting the right indoor/outdoor marijuana strain.

Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, are used to help cultivate longer-lasting blooms in indoor plants. Autoflowering seeds are not as successful as regular cannabis seeds at germination. If an indoor marijuana plant is sowed outside, autoflowering seeds will only germinate after about two weeks. In order to achieve quick germination, indoor gardeners must use hydroponic systems or regular seeds. The difference between the two is that hydroponic systems allow for consistent moisture and nutrients distribution throughout the growing plant.

Growing with regular cannabis seeds is not guaranteed to produce top quality plants. Some varieties will flower and grow quickly but will not be able to sustain the weight necessary for profitable crop production. This is why many indoor gardeners choose hybrid and autoflowering varieties of the cannabis plant seed. Hybrid seeds are made to produce high-quality plants that can be used for production of high-end products such as shatter or brownies.

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