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How to Germinate Seeds of Potency


How to Germinate Seeds of Potency

The differences between indica and sativa crops lies primarily in the way they are grown. Indica seeds are more likely to be sun-bagged than sativa, so they grow closer to the ground and are best planted in sunny locations. Sativa seeds are most suited for shade-tolerant gardens and can be planted up to six feet away from the nearest flower bed. Both types of marijuana seed are used for cooking, although some differences show up when the plant is used for medicinal purposes.

Sativa Plants: These plants are more popularly associated with Colorado, but they also are found throughout much of North America and parts of Mexico. The common name for this variety is “pot”, meaning it’s planted in the garden around a lamp or other flame source. The flowers are large, red or purple and the stalks are bushy. The tubular, double flower hybrid grows tall with narrow leaves, tall, bushy leaves and a long stem. While some Sativa strains have been crossed with other strains to create new hybrid varieties, most remain as true Sativa plants.

Indica Plants: These plants are a native of Africa and they are much less hardy than their cousin. However, they too grow in Colorado, much less the canopy required for marijuana production in other areas. Because of this they can be grown indoors, on windowsills and even in a small area outdoors. Indica seeds are usually black in color, but some have been crossbred to create other colors.

Marijuana Seed Buds: Many medical marijuana growers cross Sativa with Indica to produce new strains that don’t have the high THC levels needed to get people high. Some examples are Gold, Moroccan, Russian, French names like Bleecker and Humbler. The new hybrid strains seem to retain most if not all of the characteristics of their parents. Some of them are very potent but still lower in THC than your local bud.

Other Plants: Some hybrid varieties have been developed from the more robust male plants. This produces plants that are strong and compact, with large, showy flowers. The female plants are smaller than male cannabis strains. They have more delicate flowers, and they grow quickly, up to four inches per month. The hybrid ‘French strain’ is one example; it has traits of both male and female plants, but it produces the flowers on the female plant. Some of the hybrid cannabis strains are so similar to each other, that you might not be able to tell the difference between them by looking at the flowers.

How to Grow Good Seeds: Before buying a seed packet or growing seedlings yourself, learn a little about what kinds of bud will produce the highest quality buds. Identify the type of soil, temperature and sunlight conditions that are ideal for each type of bud. Know which types of grass are best for growing seeds (i.e., indoor and outdoor grasses). Make sure you are growing a quality plant in an environment that will allow its seed to grow into a vigorous and healthy plant. Finally, make sure you use the proper fertilizers to develop a high-quality crop.

Different Types of Buds: Since marijuana plants come in many different forms, it’s critical that you know what type of bud you’re looking for when you buy your seeds or clone your plants. Indoor growing is easier to manage since indoor plants do not need to go through the stress of being transferred from outdoors. Clones, however, do need to move indoors to get their seeds to the proper atmosphere. Outdoor plants don’t have to deal with the same constraints. Here are some of the most popular indoor/outdoor weed clones available:

The best way for seed growers to increase the number of successful crop years is to make sure they get the right kind of start. While there are many different varieties of marijuana plants, it’s important to germinate seeds from the correct species. For indoor growing enthusiasts, it’s a good idea to learn about the best marijuana plants on the market today so that you can select and germinate seeds that work well together. With a little bit of patience and diligence, growing weed won’t be as difficult as some gardeners might have thought.

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