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Crossbred Seeds of Good Terpenes


Crossbred Seeds of Good Terpenes

Marijuana, like tobacco and other drugs, grows from a specific plant and shares some common characteristics with other plants. All marijuana plants, whether they are for personal use or for sale, have three main types: Indica, Sativa, or Papaver somniferum. The flowers are tall and pendulous, often resembling the Hawaiian Islands. The leaves are alternate and dark green in color. The flowers rarely open fully.

Seeds are small, round, moist black sponges that contain the marijuana plant’s reproductive part, the pollen. Seeds are enclosed in a thin cotyledon, called a capping, which protects the seeds from being damaged by weather. Seeds are held tightly within the capping, about the size of a pencil eraser. Seeds also contain the genetic material (germ cells) from the mother plant and therefore may express a wide variety of characteristics: some chromosome from the mother, some of the mother’s own chromosomes, and some of a hybrid combination of both. In commercial marijuana cultivation, in most cases, the plants are planted to produce large bunches of buds, usually four by six inches.

Pure Indica: Indica is a member of the true family of herbs, so named because it only needs a tropical climate and moisture to grow. It was first brought to North America by the Spanish sailors in the 15th century and was used as a replacement for tobacco because of its low-maintenance nature. The plant is native to Mexico and Central America, but is now grown in much of the western world. Many pure indica growers have hybridized it to produce a deeper and more potent form of the herb known as ruderalis plants. This hybrid has an active mind and is often used as a designer drug.

Ladder Raintree: This is another great example of a cross between sativa and indica. It was developed by Raintree Farms in Colorado and has a unique odor and taste similar to that of maple syrup. It was created through crossbreeding three strains – Chitika, Hamamelis and White Knight – that all have very different traits. The result is a very sweet and aromatic tea with subtle hints of berries and cheese.

Flowery Sativa: Crossbred with strains of cerebralamus and sativa, this plant is a highly desirable cross. The flowers, once bloomed, release a balsamic-like perfume. The aroma is highly concentrated and is a strong enough draw to make the buds irresistible. The flowering period is short, lasting only about two weeks. Because of this short flowering period, the plants do not grow too much and therefore do not produce seeds.

Crossbred Stem: Crossbred with three distinct female flowers, this is a very popular variety. When crossbred with the male counterpart of the same species, it produces true seed. The flowers on Stem plants are large, producing lots of fragrant scent. However, the female flowers are short, less fragrant and do not produce any seeds. It is the male counterpart of the species that can produce quality seed.

Crossbred Bush: This crossbred bush produces compact and bushy buds. It is the largest of the crossbred plants and has a medium length blooming period. Its tall height and compact size make it ideal for indoor growing. As its name suggests, the flowers are bushy and will reach up to ten inches in height. However, because it is a fast grower, it does not allow for a significant amount of germination.

Vegetative: Some of the most popular marijuana varieties are those that are better suited to being grown in a more natural environment, such as the crossbred geranium plants. This type of crossbred produces flowers that are taller and leaner, producing buds that are more fragrant. Geraniums are another type of plant commonly crossed with indica or sativa. Geranium plants are known to be good for germination. It is not uncommon to find this crossbreed producing flowers that are half the size of ordinary sativa. These are good for indoor growing, as they are fast growing and produce dense, fragrant flowers.

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