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Why Grow Feminized Seeds?

Regular seeds are produced when a mature male cannabis plant pollens a female cannabis flower. Male pollen is usually released by ripe seed sacs covered in hair and blown by the strong wind (or carried forward by a knowledgeable hand). When the female flowers are full, male pollen can be retrieved easily, typically within two weeks. The majority of strains in the cannabis flower family have a dominant mother plant that produces large amounts of female flowers before smaller clusters of male flowers appear.

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Sativa and indica are the two main types of cannabis plants used for breeding seeds. Regular seeds are made by grafting two opposite plant buds together, usually one on each side of the growing point. Grafting two plants together promotes lateral growth and makes for larger and stronger buds. The resulting hybrid is the result of crossing one strain with another to form a new plant with a different overall physical trait. Hybrid cannabis seeds are more expensive than purebred cannabis seeds.

Women can cultivate feminized seeds at any stage of their life. All females are capable of producing feminized seeds. Indica and sativa produce true feminized seeds. True feminization occurs when a pollen duct is crossed from an Indica plant to a sativa plant, allowing the true seeds to develop. Cross-breeding between indica and sativa results in true feminization.

Some of the most well-known and highly prized strains are Lemon Hog, Cheese Cat, White Reaper, Purple Coneflower, Red Sleigh, White Knight and White Russian. All of these have been cross bred with many others to create a highly desirable crop. In addition to producing highly desirable seeds, indica plants grow taller, produce resinous buds and are generally more resistance to disease. All this has created a new market for indica strains.

Most feminized seeds are still crossbred with the regular C.H. hybrids and some are still made from pure C.H. hybrid seeds. Some growers have begun to produce feminized seeds by selective breeding of indica plants with other hardier plants. Some of the plants in this crossbreeding group have proven to produce highly productive, hardy plants with the regular C.H. hybrid.

Not all cannabis seeds produced by crossbreeding are of the true cannabis strain. In some cases, the mother plants are simply selected for their beauty or other attractions. These plants are usually used as cut flowers in arrangements or for herbal products. In rare cases, the flowers are to be used as a marijuana plant. When the traits of one or more mother plants are combined with those of the regular cannabis strain, the resulting plants are referred to as “fever resistant” and are often crossed with regular C.H. hybrids for another variety of high cannabis potency.

Some of the feminized seeds contain only a small number of chromosomes, making them extremely resistant to many common diseases. Some of these plants have even been able to tolerate the very potent strains of weeds that are commonly found in many gardens. Many of these varieties are resistant to insects, fungus, bacteria, and even fungi that attack regular seeds.

Many hybrid marijuana crops are sold without the knowledge that they are crossbred with regular cannabis seeds. Many consumers believe that they are purchasing a new variety when they purchase feminized seeds. However, many growers of feminized seeds do cross breed regular seeds with their hybrids for variety. Crossbreeding is a necessary part of the development of many plants and can increase the strength and adaptability of those plants.

Autoflowering seeds, also known as female plants, contain only a set of genes from one parent. These seeds have been created by crossing a male with a female plant. The result is an elite type of hybrid marijuana with increased yields. Many autoflowering seeds are extremely hardy and can be used in all areas of the country.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have become extremely popular among commercial and home growers alike. Many enthusiasts and breeders are finding that they can control their yields and have greater control over their plants through their feminization. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have also become extremely popular with indoor gardeners who want a low maintenance indoor plant. Many indoor gardeners have been successfully using feminized seeds to transform their plants into hardy and disease-resistant plants that produce excellent results.

Hybrid cannabis seeds are the new wave of indoor growing. They offer many advantages over traditional indoor growing practices, including the ability to control your own plants’ growth rate and the ability to choose from a huge selection of specialized strains. Many consumers prefer these types of plants because they produce highly successful results without all of the tedious work involved in traditional growing methods. There’s no wonder why hybrid cannabis seeds are becoming extremely popular with today’s gardeners.

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