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Exploring the Advantages of Gender Sexing Regular Seeds

What is the major difference between regular and feminised seeds? On first sight one may not easily appreciate the differences that exist between standard and feminised cannabis seeds, particularly since the latter come from a crossing between a male and a female cannabis plant. Regular seeds are generally from the cross between a male and a female so their DNA has both sexes, and therefore they will display one or both visible traits depending upon a number of factors. Some examples are shown below.

regular seeds

When comparing regular seeds with those which are Feminized, we see that there is considerable scope for improvement. The biggest disadvantage of a feminized seed is that they have no ‘starter’ plants to allow for disease resistance. Thus, when setting up a new crop, you must take this factor into account. Many growers who prefer their cannabis plants to have good disease resistance have opted for the regular ones, although they are normally quite expensive.

However, despite these disadvantages, regular seeds offer a number of advantages, namely that they are much easier to grow. They also offer greater productivity because females lay more pollen than males, meaning that they have more chances of coming up at harvest time. Furthermore, females have been shown to have longer flowering times, making it easier for them to produce large amounts of buds. This advantage has led to many gardeners growing a large amount of feminised cannabis crops. They do this because the plants do flower earlier and in higher quantities.

Regular seedlings do have disadvantages however. They cannot usually be used for outdoor growing indoors because of their inability to survive exposure to extreme temperatures. And since they have been crossed with females it is more prone to cross pollination, meaning that other plants in the garden are also exposed to mold and fungi. These disadvantages have meant that many growers have moved onto hybrid strains which are not affected by mold and fungi.

But despite these disadvantages, regular seeds offer several advantages when it comes to growing indoors. For starters, they are ideal for beginners because they are easier to germinate. In addition, they are cheaper to purchase because there is no need for special equipment or tools. Furthermore, they are perfect for indoor gardening because they produce healthy plants that are free from a number of pests and diseases. Hybrid varieties that are high in estrogen also produce healthy plants, meaning that feminized marijuana seeds offer a huge advantage to people who wish to try out growing marijuana indoors.

While most hybrid varieties have been cross bred with mother plants, auto flower seeds are different because they have been designed to be able to survive without a mother plant. When autoflower seeds are propagated in this manner, they can survive on their own for up to two years. This means that feminized seeds offer new advantages to those who are looking to grow indoor plants. Aside from being able to grow on their own, they are also more likely to survive and thrive when compared to regular seeds.

The process of crossbreeding and the careful selection of particular stocks also ensures that farmers are ensured of quality genetics. Furthermore, growers can easily adjust the behavior and growth habits of their crops towards different climates. With this in mind, they are better able to control their growing stage so that they can control their plants accordingly. This means that they are better able to produce crops that have high quality and high yields.

Despite these advantages, regular seeds may not be suitable for all kinds of crops. Many new growers who are just starting out may find it difficult to adjust to their new line of work. To make sure that they don’t face problems during their growing period, new growers should consider investing in hybrid seeds that can allow them to control their environment and their plants’ development according to their wishes. This can be a good way to ensure that they get the best results every time they plant their crops.

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