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Popular Online Seed Companies and How to Buy Weed Seeds

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Popular Online Seed Companies and How to Buy Weed Seeds

For those who love to grow cannabis, seeds are an essential part of the process. You may have to wait quite a while before you find what you’re looking for, but it’s worth the wait. Sometimes, you find a good site, order what you need and then wait some more. When your order arrives, the plants are not ready, sometimes the shipping is delayed or there is something wrong with the seed. What do you do? Get another site or grower to repackage your order and ship it to you again?

Well, there are quite a few marijuana seed banks online to choose from. Some are free, others offer free shipping, and some are much more affordable. Some also offer bulk ordering, which means you can purchase several grams and save money on shipping. Here are the top 10 best marijuana seed banks online:

* Garden Paths – This site offers free shipping on many of their products and is located right on the web. Order anything from marijuana seeds, balettes, and decorations to pipes and grinders and get free shipping, too. They also offer great deals on other items including Bialetti torches and Bialetti griddles. There is a vast array of items on offer and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, they will be happy to custom make it for you.

* Herbalife – This site is one of the most popular cannabis seed banks on the web and they offer free shipping on most of their products. If you’ve been online long enough, you know that Herbalife offers a wide variety of products and shipping does cost money. If you want to buy weed seeds and save on shipping costs, this is definitely the site to go to.

* Cold Stone – The main webpage of Cold Stone Seed Company has a FAQ page explaining what they are and how you can buy their cannabis seeds and make your own grow kits. If you go down to the bottom of their homepage, however, you’ll find a free shipping option. Shipping is free within the continental USA and costs only a few dollars extra. The FAQ page also explains that they don’t ship outside of the state in which you live and that international shipping is done through UPS. It is unfortunate that they don’t offer free shipping because most people like to know exactly where their stuff is going and this is definitely not done here. However, it is definitely worth looking at.

* Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – This online seed company offers free shipping on most of their products and they are located in Vermont. If you’re a fan of coffees and you’re trying to grow your own weed seeds, this is definitely a place to check out. While it doesn’t have free delivery, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters does offer some great deals.

* Bed Bug Gold – This online seed company offers free shipping and some really great deals. Most of their products are grown in the United States, but they do ship out to Canada as well. They are based in California and sell a variety of different products including marijuana. You can find a variety of different strains from this company including French and English. There is a very comprehensive list of what’s available as well as a description of each product. Most people will simply order one bag of cannabis seeds and get a free bonus gift.

As you can see, there are many popular online seed companies that have sprouted up over the past year or so. Some of these new companies are actually starting to compete with the established seed companies that have been around for years. You can probably find some weed seeds and plan about how to grow them right now. As time progresses, we will soon be able to enjoy all the different varieties we can grow in our backyards. Just make sure you keep those weed seeds under lock and key! Good luck and have fun growing!

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