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The Hybrid Marijuana Plants – 4 Types of Feminized Seeds

What are regular seed packets? Regular seeds are used in order to start new plants off in growing their leaves and other parts of the plant. Traditionally, all plants were regular, except when female plants suddenly appeared; most of the growers lost track of regular plants, but when female plants started growing, many of them ignored the female plants and grew new plants in their place. This has now changed; these new plants do not grow unless the regular seeds are used.

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These feminized seeds are chemically engineered seeds, so they will grow regardless of the gender. They have been tested over again and are 100% safe. The only thing that you need to be careful about with these seeds is that it would not be abnormal for them to grow in a male plant or a female plant. So, this means that if you are growing a male plant and wish to use the feminized seeds, it would be normal for that plant to grow into a regular one.

The first type of feminized marijuana seeds is known as the ‘fast-growing’ variety, which is perfect for indoor growing conditions. This is because it can easily grow up to ten times faster than a regular seed, especially if it is grown in an environment that gets full sun light. The fast growing variety is also more sensitive to temperature; it does not do well under heavy frost, for example. It would be wise, therefore, if you grow this type of feminized seeds inside.

The second kind of feminized cannabis seeds are the ‘slow growing’ varieties. These types are perfect for the first time grower who wants to have some really impressive results with his or her first plant. With these kinds of cannabis seeds, it is very possible for even a beginner to grow big plants that are impressive. However, this is something that you have to remember: these strains take longer to grow than the fast-growing ones.

The third type of feminized ones is known as the ‘dud’ ones. These are actually the opposite of regular seed. When these kinds of seeds are used for growing, they often end up as a failure. The reason behind this is due to the lack of proper instructions from the grower regarding the right amount and type of water that are given to the plant. Many growers who start out on this hobby without getting the necessary knowledge often fall into this trap. They fail to provide the needed water or nourishment to their plants, resulting in them becoming sad, depressed and confused about the lack of results they get from their efforts.

The fourth type of feminized seeds is called the ‘hybrid seed’. This is basically a cross of a male and female plant. As the name suggests, it combines the traits of the male and the female. These hybrids usually come with better growing ability but the tendency to produce poor quality leaves is often present.

All four of these types of feminized marijuana plants have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to growing. Hybrid ones, especially the cross hybrid ones, tend to give better results than regular seed. However, regular seed is still considered to be the best for beginners. It gives faster results, it’s easier to control and harvest, and you don’t need to worry about the type of watering that is needed since it’s usually based on gender.

All four of the types of feminized seeds can easily be grown in hydroponic systems with proper growing medium. They also need less watering or little attention from you except for the regular seed which may need you to supplement its water and nutrients in order to ensure that it survives. Either way, you can be assured that feminized seeds provide a healthier alternative to the regular seed which may not be as favorable to start with.

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