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How to Choose Indoor Herb Seeds


How to Choose Indoor Herb Seeds

If you are a newbie in growing marijuana, one of your first questions will be – Which is the best marijuana strain to start with? This is a common yet important question. You need to choose the right one that fits your lifestyle. Here is a list of some popular strains:

Hybrid Indica plants are mostly classified into three types – Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. These are indica, sativa, hybrids and ruderalis. Hybrid, sativa and ruderalis strains are quite popular among most marijuana growers. The hybrid genetics are also widely available in feminized cannabis seeds and auto flowering plants.

Sativa plants are the traditional breeding ground for cannabis sativa strains. It produces deep, dark and fragrant flowering buds that are covered in a glossy coat of hairs. It is the most popular type for production of herbal marijuana. In addition, this type of plant is often used in producing high quality cannabis oil. Another variant is the hybrid cannabis sativa that produces a lighter and thinner flowering product with greater aroma and less potency.

The hybrid or cross-producing indica cannabis varieties are those from two different sets of parents. These sets of genes are put together in order to produce different traits. Cross-breeding eliminates any chance of causing hybridization through faulty genetics. Cross-breeding allows some of the desired traits to be introduced without resulting in the complete elimination of undesirable characteristics.

Ruderalis plants are used as indoor and outdoor trimming for producing trimming buds. They are more suitable for indoor environments and produce thicker, darker and stronger buds. They also tend to flower earlier than other sativa strains. Ruderalis buds can be propagated easily inside and outdoors by tubers, divisions and offsets.

Flowering time of hybrid marijuana varieties can vary depending on the type and strain of the parent plant. Some buds tend to flower sooner than others. Some strains tend to have lower flowering times than others. Some hybrid cannabis varieties can also be crossbred to create new types of hybrid cannabis.

Terpenes are organic chemicals found on the outside of leaves and stems of the plant and are believed to be responsible for the unique flavour and smell of some cannabis varieties. Terpenes are thought to react with certain nutrients and contribute to the growth of the plant. There are two classes of terpenes: euxhenol and coryne. Some studies have indicated that these two chemicals, when consumed, can cause the reduction of cholesterol.

The debate about auto-flowering vs hybrid seeds is likely to rage on. However, there are many who believe that using a hybrid plant as opposed to traditional auto-flowering plants will yield the greatest results. Hybrid plants will provide better results in terms of appearance, flavour and overall production of the finished product. The consumer is the deciding factor when it comes to choice of flowering time and overall effect on the cannabis plant.

For those who are considering indoor gardening, there are two different types of indoor growing conditions to consider: Indoor-air and Indoor-humid. In an indoor environment, the grow space should receive ample air circulation to ensure the ideal environment for optimal plant health. Plants grown in an indoor environment require very low lighting and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Watering the plants should also be avoided, due to the moisture levels reaching up to the 30% mark in most cases. Some indica strains do extremely well in humid conditions and can even thrive with minimal daily water.

When it comes to selecting a good strain to start with, many people would suggest investing in a Cold Chain, which is a simple system to maintain an indoor environment. Cold Chain is designed to reduce moisture loss, using only natural water-based solutions, such as seawater, or rainwater, to fill the spaces between the buds and handle any evaporation that may occur. This reduces the need for continuous watering, which can be a source of stress for the plants. Using the right strain can ensure minimal problems with water, along with a faster start date for your new herb collection.

Another strain to consider is Sativa or better known as Black indica. These indices do very well in taller growing situations, such as 8 feet or higher windowsills, balconies, and decks. The strain has a higher percentage of Sativa (also known as indica sativa) genetics, making it a great choice for indoor gardens. The strain has been bred for generations and has the ability to produce large amounts of resin during flowering. This resin is what provides most of the flavor of the plant, as well as much of the medicinal value of the herb.

There are many hybrid options for indoor growing, but the two most common are Hyoscyamus Niger and Cyperus rotundus. Both of these varieties are Sativa based and have proven themselves able to cope with indoor environments. Hyoscyamus Niger, or “H.N” has proven to be the most successful hydrangea hybrid, having the ability to produce huge amounts of resin. Hyoscyamus rotundus on the other hand, is a relatively new addition to the herb family. It was created by crossing Arabica strains with indica strains, creating a hybrid that has all the desirable traits of both species, with slightly different desirable traits.

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