Best Regular Seeds

Growing Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds have only a 50% likelihood of sprouting as females or males as nature had intended. As such regular seeds are quite popular amongst breeders making new hybrids. Regular cannabis seeds can be found in a variety of forms. You will find them sprouting inside small plastic containers, inside rockery or tunnels, inside greenhouses and inside the human body. They may be stored in damp conditions for a short period of time before the sprouts wither and die.

When you are growing indoors cannabis, the most common of all types is the indoor bantam, which is also known as the mini MMJ type. These varieties are the top three regular strains that are most often used in cannabis cooking and brewing. The benefit with these varieties is that they are very resilient to heat, diseases and pests. They do not have the same high levels of THC that the outdoor cannabis has so their effects are limited to that which is inhaled.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds do not go through the same maturation process as regular seeds do but they have their own advantages. They are generally feminized inside the body, so they contain only the female portions of the plant. This means that the psychoactive properties are not produced. Some varieties can be feminized by putting chemicals on them after they have been bought. Some of these plants pass their potency along to the next buyer. So buyers can buy feminized cannabis seeds and grow plants at home even if they are not sure about the effects it contains.

The most popular of the auto-flowering varieties are the Black Seeds, which have an extremely high level of CB1 (cannabis phenelzine) and THC (tetrahydrocannabis). The terpinen-4-ol in Black Seeds is a rare type of terpinen found in only a small amount of the world’s cannabis. These are highly potent because they contain a large amount of terpenoids. The terpinen-4-ol has a significant impact on the mind and body so using autoflowering varieties is particularly important.

There are disadvantages associated with growing autoflowering cannabis strains. The biggest disadvantage is that you will have to harvest often which can be a problem for people with time constraints or those who are constantly on the go. Because it takes a long time to mature these plants do not produce as much product per crop as other varieties. A significant portion of the cannabis in the United States is produced in Colorado, which accounts for half of the annual sales of this particular variety.

Some people argue that by leaving regular seeds in the ground they are allowing nature to take its course and the plant will eventually adapt to its environment. If it is cultivated more often the plant may be left with fewer buds because it will adapt to the shorter growing time. Some proponents of regular genetics made use of High-CBD varieties which are believed to be slightly more potent and therefore should not be left in the ground too long. These high-cbd varieties have been shown to contain lesser amounts of terpinen-4-ol compared to regular seeds but they also have some of the same disadvantages of regular genetics made famous by the cannabis superseed THC-A.

Another problem faced with growing regular cannabis seeds is that some of the more popular strains have already been created and are becoming available at much lower prices than was previously the case. The most popular among these strains is probably White Widow, which accounts for around seventy percent of the overall production in Colorado. The reason why White Widow is popular among breeders is because it is one of the easiest strains to grow and to reproduce. In fact it is the easiest to breed. It is also extremely adaptable and able to resist all types of weather conditions, making it a favorite with the breeders that are creating new strains from scratch.

Regular seeds can be used by any number of gardeners to start growing feminized seeds. The biggest advantage is that feminized seeds, when germinated properly, can sprout a full eight inches before they reach their full height. This means that with very little effort, a grower can easily create a new crop that is full eight inches high. The disadvantages of regular seeds and feminized seeds are that they tend to produce lower quality buds because the plant has not had a chance to adapt to its environment. And because the amount of time required to germinate is much shorter for feminized plants, some grower may find that they have to wait a year before their crop is ready.

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