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How To Grow Marijuana Regular Seeds To Create Your Own Personal Strains

Regular Seed as the name suggests is a regular kind of marijuana plant seed which hasn’t been changed or modified in any manner whatsoever. This kind of marijuana plant seed is produced basically naturally by pollinating two specific strains which are typically male and female marijuana plants with flowers and leaves. These plants are named as regular because of the uniformity of their appearances throughout the marijuana plant’s lifetime. This ensures that the marijuana plant you grow will develop just like your grandparents did. Hence, the chances of having consistent good quality marijuana crops is very likely.

regular seed

These kinds of seeds can be either feminized or un-feminized. When it comes to the latter, it’s generally the feminized seeds that grow bigger and produce more buds per plant than the un-feminized seeds. In order to get these un-feminized seeds, you will have to undergo a feminization process. In fact, these cannabis seeds are so popular right now that most grow shops even specialize on cannabis seeds. Some companies even offer free seeds when you order their products.

There are two varieties of regular seeds: female and male. The female cannabis plant has a set of chromosomes, which is substantially shorter than that of the male cannabis plant. Since females don’t need to pollinate, they don’t need to undergo any special treatment to encourage them to produce more flowers.

On the other hand, the male cannabis plants have chromosomes that are longer than that of the females. They do require some cross pollination in order to produce large bunches of buds. Cross pollination is facilitated by releasing more pollen into the environment which is produced by one or both of the crossing parents. So when you buy feminized seeds, you can be assured of getting regular seeds but without having to undergo any unnecessary stress or hassle. This is because the feminized seeds are produced naturally and the process of cross pollination doesn’t take place.

If you want to ensure that the plants you buy are truly feminized, you should check whether they are in flowering at least for at least ten weeks. While buying the feminized autoflowering seeds, it’s advisable that you buy them from a reputable source. There are many growers who produce poor quality seeds and sell them as if they were premium crops.

If you want to ensure that you get high quality plants, it’s advisable to buy only from a reputable supplier. The buds from this variety are firm and have dark colored hairs which are characteristic of the indica plants grow. The regular seed is oval in shape and has red, black or grey hairs. These dark colored hairs signify that the plant is under full bloom and ready to harvest.

When you start to feminize your regular marijuana regular seeds, you will see that they will start to form bundles. However, you may not see that many buds grow. This is because the plants take up to two years to produce one pound of plants. This means that you need to nurture the plants very carefully. In order to do so, make sure you trim the plants frequently, especially after rain. When trimming, make sure you don’t cut too deep as this can stunt the plants.

Some of the feminized strains are so rare that it’s almost considered a collector’s item. If you’re looking to grow marijuana for enjoyment, you might consider breeding a rare strain to save money. You can do this by creating a new hybrid by crossbreeding two regular seeds with a strain from a competitor. Remember though, you must be careful as crossbreeding can cause some serious problems. You can save a few bucks by crossbreeding but it’s going to take a lot of work to create a quality strain.

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