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Why Grow With Regular Seed? There are numerous great reasons that a grower might choose to work with regular seed, despite the obvious practical benefits in terms of greater growing space, greater nutrient absorption and quicker maturation times. Cultivating Seedlings For people who have the true desire to create your very own custom genetic blends, cultivating your seeds at home is very easily achievable. It’s much easier to cultivate cannabis seeds than it is to cultivate any variety of vegetables or fruits.

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For those new to cultivating cannabis, the best way to start off is by purchasing an easy to grow indoor vegetable kit. A simple indoor gardening kit will come complete with everything you need to get started, which includes seeds, pots and growing buds. Once the initial hard work of getting your plants growing has been done, the real fun and excitement can begin! Creating your very own custom blend of cannabis seeds and plants can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Cultivating cannabis plants is more of an art and a hobby, than a conventional indoor garden.

While there certainly are no “regulars” in the world of marijuana, there are certain characteristics that all seeds have in common. All cannabis seeds should have similar hardiness zones; they also all require consistent light, water and temperature for optimal growth. Let’s take a look at each of these characteristics individually:

The hardiness zone is the area around the seed, from head to tail. In the case of cannabis seeds, the hardiness zone is found at the top of the plant; it’s known as the shoot or aerial part. Regular and feminized seeds have their hardiness zone somewhere near the base of the plant. Either one will grow in any area where the conditions are right, but regular and feminized seeds are more likely to succeed if started in a particular environment.

Cultivation is how people create new seeds that will produce new plants. If you take care of a plant properly, it will continue to grow even after the original plant dies. There is a term for this process called auto culture, which describes the practice of culturing cannabis seeds. This can be done manually using a hand saw or by using a greenhouse or hydroponic system.

You can start with regular seeds to create new plants or clone plants from regular seed packets. However, female and hybrid marijuana plants will only produce female clones when starting from feminized seeds. Hybrid plants are a cross between male and female plants, so when starting from feminized seeds you’ll end up with female plants. This is because all plants that contain only male flowers will also grow as female plants.

When growing using regular seeds, the gardener has some advantages because it’s easier to control moisture levels and the overall growth conditions. The disadvantage is that it’s difficult to keep track of everything. When the grower wants to check on the condition of the plants they need to go through the plant’s entire life cycle. Some of the cycles may not be clearly marked and a gardener can waste a lot of time without really knowing anything about their plants’ health. When a grower uses feminized seeds it’s possible to skip some of those cycles, so the grower can focus more attention on the plants’ health.

Another advantage of cultivating through feminized seeds is that feminized seeds are easier to deal with. When starting from a regular seed it’s possible to mix up the feminized seeds and let them grow in their own environment for a few days. In many cases this can cause the seeds to germinate, which can lead to the creation of feminized plants. On the other hand, when starting from a regular seed it’s a relatively simple process to separate the seeds from one another and then to place them into a container. When growing plants through feminized seeds the gardener doesn’t have to do that step, but can instead allow the plants to grow freely. As a result, it’s possible to grow a wide variety of plants by taking advantage of this type of method.

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