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What is the Difference Between Regular Seed and Feminized Seed?

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What is the Difference Between Regular Seed and Feminized Seed?

Why Grow With Regular Seed? The growing and gardening trade is fast becoming a specialized industry, with some growers specializing in certain types of plants, like marijuana. The fact is that a grower will need a wide variety of marijuana seeds in order to be able to meet the growing demand from the market. There are so many more reasons why a grower might want to use regular seed, apart from its practical benefits in terms of limited space, high waste of resources and low medium cost. Here are some of the reasons why a grower might want to grow with regular seed:

One of the advantages of regular seed, especially if it is organic, is that the owner can avoid some of the hassles brought about by cross pollination. In most cases, when plants are cross-pollinated, feminized seeds are produced, making cross pollination less successful. In some cases, this can result in the complete eradication of a plant family. Regular seed, on the other hand, ensures a greater chance to get feminized or hybrid seeds in the future.

Another advantage of using regular seeds for growing cannabis plants is that they are free of many of the chemicals commonly used in cultivation. This is especially important in growing for medicine, where the chemical residues can prove to be harmful. Many plants grown for medicine, such as tobacco and others, have been found to contain traces of poisonous chemicals. Many plants also have regenerative properties, making them highly expensive to grow. The use of feminized cannabis seeds ensures that these expensive crops are made cheaper, allowing it to be sold at a lower cost to medical practitioners. This is yet another benefit that regular marijuana seeds provide.

Many hybrid cannabis seeds are also used in creating new seeds. A breeder will typically start out with one type of cannabis plant, such as indica or Charlotte, then clone the individual characters of each species and create new seeds from the clones. This allows them to produce new strains with a greater probability of success. Some of these new seeds have shown to have traits that make them more desirable to buyers.

Some companies specialize in the breeding of specific species. The most well-known among these companies are those that specialize in producing feminized cannabis seeds. In addition to providing regular females for breeding purposes, they also produce regular males for testing purposes. These companies can help to make sure that new plants do not contain undesirable characteristics that would make them less desirable to the consuming public.

Many new technologies are being developed for the production of feminized seeds. One such development has to do with temperature. Some breeders have begun to use warmth lamps to induce the feminization of the seed so that it will develop a specific kind of trait desired by the growing process. Others have attempted to use water and sugar treatments to alter the chemical makeup of the seeds. While some companies have experimented with using blue spectrum light to induce the feminization of male plants, other companies have instead begun to use red light.

With any type of chemical alteration, it is important for potential breeders to understand whether or not the potential yield will be consistent. Some companies will only produce feminized cannabis seeds for certain plants. A popular example is the use of feminized ones for indica or Charlotte marijuana.

There are a number of ways to purchase marijuana seeds. Some of these include visiting a seed store or farmer’s market where consumers can pick out their own strains. Alternately, many gardeners who wish to grow their own marijuana can purchase them from online retailers that specialize in the cultivation of specific varieties. It is possible to find a large selection of marijuana seeds at these locations as well. Regardless of how marijuana is begun and regardless of the process used to feminize seeds, feminized cannabis seeds are becoming more popular among enthusiasts.

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