Best Regular Seeds

The Growing Season of cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds always have a fifty percent chance of growing into either females or males as nature intended. However, because they produce females, regular seeds are now popular amongst seed breeders producing new, superior varieties. Regular seeds can be found in a variety of forms, from bud to flower. Some regular seeds will grow more slowly and mature earlier than others, but they also tend to be more resilient and resistant to environmental stresses such as intense cold, very dry air, drought, and flooding. A high proportion of regular seeds can be found indoors.

regular seeds

When choosing a form of regular seed, consider the environment in which it was collected. It is important that you collect seeds from both male and female plants so that the full genetic potential is realized. When collecting seeds from females, choose carefully so that you don’t end up with cross-contamination between the opposite sexes. You should ensure that the woman consuming the seeds has no previous history of dealing with diseases that can affect the intended sexual specie.

With regular seeds, there are a large selection of feminized strains from which to choose. These include: Frenchy’s French White, Fugglefoot’s Fuggle, Hawaii’s Big Island and Lemon Grass. All these strains are commonly known as “regular ones” due to their appearance and overall effect. Most are easy to grow and yield well even in difficult weather conditions.

Plant cloned from regular seeds include: Amaryllis, Brandywine, Broadleaf and Lemon Weed. Amaryllis boasts some strong qualities, including being resistant to several kinds of pests; Brandywine produces small blue flowers; and Broadleaf produces small, dark green leaves with a purple tint. Lemon Grass has pale pink flowers and produces small fruit containing volatile oil. Like all the other feminized strains, it is easy to maintain and grow. It’s a member of the garlic family. The only disadvantage is that the large flowers attract bees.

Cultured and modified strains of regular seeds include: China White, Goldenseal, Green Siskin, Hawaiian, Landau, Martin’s Island and St. Augustine. All these have been carefully grown and cultivated over the past several years. They have all passed the tests set by geneticists. The only major disadvantage of these plants is that they don’t produce flowers. They are used, however, in flower pots and arrangements.

Autoflowering seeds contain a highly potent artificial estrogen, which mimics that produced by the female sex hormone. In this way, cannabis plants behave as natural females, when it comes to sex. Autoflowering seeds, of course, are not available for purchase to the general public. Those who are interested, however, can buy them over the internet. Autoflowering seeds contain a highly potent artificial estrogen, which mimics that produced by the female sex hormone. In this way, cannabis plants behave as natural females, when it comes to sex.

Since autoflowering seeds do not contain any real females, they do not provide any protection against harmful insects. And since feminized seeds have been crossbred with regular seeds, the resulting hybrid is much more susceptible to disease. Thus, it is important to get regular seeds from a reliable source, before experimenting with feminized ones. These hybrid plants are more prone to disease than regular ones.

After harvesting a flowering plant, it must be taken away immediately to prevent the potent chemical components in it from being absorbed into the flesh of the plant. If the buds or leaves are taken away, the potency of the chemical present in it will decrease. But it can be stored in a refrigerator if kept in airtight containers. When buying regular seeds, keep in mind that they should be germinated before planting.

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