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What Is Regular Seed and Why Should I Consider Feminized Seeds?

Regular seeds are the most common way to cultivate a crop of cannabis. Regular seeds represent a healthy breeding line which expresses an even balance of female and male chromosomes. Working with regular seeds is a great way to grow out big selections of both male or female flowers. When you work with a small amount of regular seed, it is easy to control exactly how much of each sex every time you harvest your plants.

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When it comes to cannabis, regular seeds are going to come from either female or male plants, regardless of whether they are feminized or not. The chances that a plant will be feminized is based entirely on the genetics that make up that plant. If you are growing outdoors and can control the conditions of your climate, then feminized seeds could very well occur naturally. However, indoor growing is often hard to do, especially if you have indoor growing equipment. Some people try crossbreeding marijuana plants to get them to feminize but this can be difficult and expensive to do.

Male plants will generally flower before female plants do. Flowering buds on a male plant will generally be bigger, darker and have a pronounced tip. Female plants will have blooms that are smaller, darker, rounder and have a softer, waxy tip. This makes it easy to tell the difference between male and female flowering buds, which is important because you need to know what sex will produce the biggest, brightest and strongest buds.

It is important to know that genetics and environment do not mix very well together when it comes to the breeding of cannabis. While you can combine seeds from different plants to get a crossbreed result, most people end up with the same traits in their plants anyway. Crossbreeding does not alter the genetics at all and is considered by many to be pointless. Marijuana experts believe that crossbreeding is unnecessary and often leads to inferior genetics. When trying to breed cannabis, the best bet is to start out with a regular seed and then after the plant has grown, try to breed it with another regular cannabis seed that is much stronger or with a different variety of cannabis. Just make sure you use the same selection criteria for your new plants as you did for the original seedling.

When it comes to greenhouse gardening and pot growing, it is important to understand that the time required to harvest will vary depending on the type of cannabis plant you are growing and the climate conditions. All greenhouse crops take a longer time to mature than outdoor cannabis plants, even with the best growing conditions. When you are growing a cannabis plant from seeds, the time needed to harvest will also be longer, anywhere from three to six weeks. However, there are several things you can do to speed up the growing process and lower the time it takes. These include taking advantage of the early frosts that occur during winter and spring, ensuring you have the right amount of support for the plants during warm spells, providing a consistent source of water, and ensuring that the soil you are using is rich in nutrients.

Many breeders of feminized cannabis seeds choose to focus on producing feminized cannabis plants that have a strong female flavor and aroma. This is achieved by cross-pollinating a feminized plant with a male plant to produce regular strains of cannabis with the female characteristics. The feminized seeds are crossed with the male plant and the resulting hybrid is transferred to the greenhouse to grow. This allows the plant to develop a full complement of estrogenic qualities.

With a regular seed, a gardener has to be selective with which he/she grows. Any random selection is likely to result in poor quality plants with low germination rates and difficulty in pollination. For instance, some of the common types of cannabis genetics used by growers, such as Indica andica, do not always reach full flower even when they are fully grown. Even though they come from the same species, they have different germination requirements. Some strains are highly successful at pollinating and have high yielding plants; however, they also tend to have lower flowering times than their female counterparts. When cross-pollinating these plants, hybridizers tend to provide better results, yielding regular seeds with high quality leaves and flowers.

Hybridization can also result in higher potency products. In most cases, it is desirable to use cannabis seeds that are from a female plant that contains the same or very similar male characteristics. The reason for this is to make sure that, when the plants get to harvest, the female plants will be producing viable berries or sprouts. When cross-pollinated, the resulting plant will yield regular female plants that contain the identical male characteristics.

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