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Types of Marijuana Strain


Types of Marijuana Strain

If you like to see the tall plants winding their way up a weed-field, you’ll love indica and sativa marijuana. The two types of marijuana are most commonly grown, but they also have some hybrid varieties. Indica and sativa grow well together in California and Colorado, but they are completely different in other areas. Here are some common marijuana strains, the differences between them, and the reasons to use one or the other type over the other.

The sativa and indica seeds are a closely guarded secret. Only your neighbor or the guy who took a hike in your back yard knows about sativa. So what types of sativa are there, anyway? Sativa is the original strain used in the famous marijuana crop that California’s Finest Growers calls “hops”. This seed produces tall, thin plants with dense, lacy leaves, while indica varieties usually grow short and bulbous and hybrids end up somewhere between.

Most strains fall into one of three categories: Indica, which is the sweetest and most prized; Sativa, with the greatest, and Sativa, which are the most potent. In order to categorize marijuana, we must first divide it into these three categories. All strains of sativa produce a herbaceous perennial plant that has dark green foliage and small blue berries. In the late summer, the tiny berries turn into yellow, pear-like ones, and then the leaves turn golden. This strain is considered to be the mother plant of all strains. Other sativa strains are the offspring of this one mother.

One way to tell the difference between sativa and indica varieties is how the plant’s flowers appear. indica varieties have narrow leaves with large and round flowers. Many times they will have four or more leaflets at the top of the plant. Sativa types, on the other hand, have broad leaves and flower buds that have a number of leaflets at the top.

The way that marijuana is harvested differs between the various sativa species. In the case of indices, the plants are shelled before they are planted, making it easier for the mother plant to push its way to the light. Once there, the little shoots spring out and begin searching for light. If the mother plant sends the shoot out without covering itself in dirt, it is considered to be an immature stem.

Sativa plants are the most popular for smoking. In the early part of the 20th century, however, the U.S. made marijuana illegal and most growers were thrown in jail. This made many sativa strains obsolete, since only a few plants were growing, therefore it was hard to get them. Today, however, many different strains are grown that are highly desirable for their potent herbal flavor. Some indices are even more potent than many natives, although their effects come from a different cause entirely.

Indica and American hybrid strains tend to produce higher-quality flowers, and they can be used for growing taller plants, such as arches or pyramids. Both the Sativa and Indica types can be grown indoors, but the Indica is said to be the better strain. They are also better for indoor gardening, since they tend to produce flowers in bunches rather than in large blooms like the Sativa. Hybrid American strains tend to be more purebred than most American varieties, and they tend to be lower in the potency than the Sativa or Indica types. Hybrids are the purest strain of each of the three main species.

All three strains of Marijuana are easier to grow than most other types of plants. However, all three new strains are easier to grow than most indices. It just depends on which type of weed you are growing, how it’s going to be harvested, and how much time you have to devote to the care of your plant. Good luck!

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