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Which Is Best For Medical and Recreational Purposes?


Which Is Best For Medical and Recreational Purposes?

Weed or seed is the dried or un-roasted leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is one of nature’s best sources for fiber, antioxidants, minerals and other beneficial compounds that are essential for good health. This versatile plant is used for many things from medication to clothing and decoration. For centuries, people have used marijuana and other plants to relieve pain and to promote healing. Today, we are exploring the amazing benefits of the healing power of weeds and seed for natural cures for cancer, stress, anxiety and other ailments.

Weeds and seed can be classified into two major categories: Sativa and Indica. With the exception of Sativa plants, most other plants are in one of the two categories. A rich, dark green source of vitamins and other important nutrients, this powerful herb is also used in a range of popular products from shampoo to detergent. Hemp, which is native to South America and other parts of the world, is the most common source of hemp seeds and oil.

In North America, hemp is grown in many places. Some of the popular varieties include Alpaca, Bubbles, Redwood, Mexican Sativa, Indian Paintbrush, Mendocino, Pine, Sedum, Spanish Moss, Shasta, Sumac, Toy Poodle and White Brandywine. There are many different strains and hybrids within each category. Most of the better-known strains are in the indica category. Sativa plants are the most popular of the bunch and they produce the greatest quantity of phytoestrogens (plant estrogen).

Many of the good Sativa plants come from very similar locations and have similar growing conditions. They are often crossed with indica plants to produce new offspring that are extremely desirable, though some of the cross-breeding between Sativa plants does not always produce desirable results. For example, the cross-breeding between a bubble and a Shasta Hawaiian will result in a plant that has the desirable flowers and leaves, but the appearance is very different. A cross between a redwood and sumac, however, will produce an extremely hardy, resilient tree that will thrive despite exposure to both extreme environments.

Regardless of the physical differences between different strains, all plants have one thing in common. All seed packets are designed to be planted in the same environment (the plant is not desired for its taste) and then cared for according to the specific instructions provided. After the plant has flowered (or leaves on the stems have dropped), the first step is to remove the flowers and all the dead leaves. The flowering plant is then divided into three separate pots. Each pot should only hold one flower and seedling.

Three long years is all it takes for an indica or calendula to bloom. If it has not been plagued with disease or insects, the plants usually bloom again in eight years. However, even though the plants are so hardy, they do require a significant amount of care each year. Annual trimming is needed to reduce the number of stems on the plants and to increase air circulation. Watering has to be frequent, especially during the hot, dry summer months and the plants must remain in full sunshine, at least six hours each day.

Landrace strains were created by separating a purebred from a hybrid strain. Hybrids are considered to be a compromise between the true purebred and a strain that produces a more-than-average quantity of the desired trait. Although they are closer in nature to true strains, hybrid plants have inferior vigor and less desirable traits. They are also known for their high yield potential and resistance to pests. Because hybrid plants are a compromise between purebred plants and the desirable characteristics of landrace strains, they are much more susceptible to disease than true strains.

In addition to the differences between the two categories of cannabis cultivars, hemp oil is also found in two separate cultivars. The Sativa cultivar produces the most concentrated but also the most volatile product. The other cultivar, the Indica, is less potent than the Sativa and has a lower percentage of psychoactive THC. Regardless of the differences between the three types, all three are effective for both medical and recreational purposes.

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