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Choosing Between Regular Seed And Feminized Seeds Vs. Feminized Strain

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Choosing Between Regular Seed And Feminized Seeds Vs. Feminized Strain

Feminized Seeds. When do you buy regular seeds or feminized seeds? When it comes to growing marijuana the answer is very important. When choosing a marijuana grower, whether it is an indoor or outdoor grower, you need to make sure they know the difference between regular seeds and feminized seeds for growing marijuana. While both of them are great for growing marijuana, there is something special about the feminization process. Let’s take a look at this special process that is so very unique.

Regular seeds are simply seeds that have been sown. Once the seeds are sown they remain in the same condition, just like a regular seed. Once they are planted, nothing happens to them. However, when a female cannabis plant is grown using feminized seeds, the marijuana plant changes into a male plant! This means that the plants will grow more quickly and will be stronger and healthier than a regular cannabis plant.

One of the main advantages to using feminized cannabis seeds is that they can be used to create specific strains. This is a very common practice. Many people choose to create a certain “balance” of strengths or weaknesses in their plants so that they can use them to better control the results of their harvest. You can even take this a step further and use these strengths and weaknesses to create a stronger and more unique variety of cannabis. Here are some examples of how this is done.

The most popular method of creating new “balanced” strains is through what is called “concentration breeding.” This involves separating a female with a male plant and then encouraging the separation through environmental conditions. This is a very effective method that produces results but it does not lend itself too well to creating new regular strains.

Another way of getting an uncontrollable amount of feminized autoflowering seeds is through what is known as “hybridization.” This is when you take a regular seed and change its gender. Typically this happens when a plant has been over-pollinated by another plant and then has its flowers pollinated by the same or a very similar male flower.

There are also disadvantages to this method. In many cases, it is impossible to tell which flower will come out first by looking at the bloom, scent or even by paying close attention to the plant during the flowering period. The only way to truly predict which seed will come out first is by taking the time and doing the research necessary to find out what kind of flower each particular flower will produce. This can be a daunting task. It is much easier and much less expensive for a grower to simply purchase a feminized seed that has already been designed.

Some feminized seeds will actually have male flowers and male roots mixed together. This is not intentional and can be a result of genetics or cross pollination. The most common reasons for this are that a grower purchased two separate plants that were pollinated to create a hybrid between them. Another reason is that the parents of one of the parents is not a male and the other parent is a female. Cross pollination between male and female flowers is common and often results in extremely vigorous and wonderful feminized flowers.

In summary, the best strategy is to simply choose your favourite flowering time and stick to that time. If the weather conditions change then you can simply move your plants to a different area but the majority of strains should do well in most climates. Hybrid varieties that combine feminized and regular seed are more likely to be susceptible to cross pollination and have greater potential for producing stunning results.

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