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The Best Weed in Town – Is It Hemp or CBD?

When it comes to growing your own marijuana, one of the most important steps is to find the perfect marijuana seed or plant. You can of course do this online, but there are a lot of ways to save money when buying off the internet as opposed to in person. Here are three tips that will help you find that right weed or seed.


Firstly, you need to know what you want your cannabis plant to be used for. Are you going to use it to simply have some energy, or you want to make a strong, powerful tea? You also do not need to hire someone else today who has another article on how you are able to germinate your own seeds from an inconspicuous type of weed. This article also does favour not just the production of the psychoactive Indica, but the cultivation of all other pot varieties as well.

If you are a beginner and are not too sure which strain you should be growing, I would suggest indica vs sativa. Indicas are generally more potent and have a longer-lasting high. Sativa on the other hand, are typically more stress relief and less potent. This article will therefore concentrate on how the differences between the two types of cannabis seeds indoors.

Sativa versus indicas vs ruderalis strains – All three types of cannabis seeds indoors can be grouped into four classes by their physiological properties. They are autoflower strains (hybrid between indicas and ruderalis genetics), autoflower (Fuggle, Colly, and Ace) hybrids between sativa and ruderalis genetics, and autoflower strains with true indica traits. Some of these are better hybrid than true indica, but all three are able to produce excellent, strong crops. Here is a list of these categories, in order of potency:

Sativa is indica – The debate rages on whether Sativa or indica produces the best overall cannabis. When it comes to THC, there is little argument. Both have the most amount of THC among all strains. When it comes to CBD, there is little evidence to indicate that Sativa has any edge over indica, except for hybrid varieties with low levels of THC. But, all three of these strains are able to grow amazing, powerful, buds.

THC vs CBD – In this, the debate is mainly between Sativa and CBD, with CBD being slightly more powerful than sativa. Some studies have shown that Sativa seeds have a higher CBD than hybrid seeds, which could explain why we see a lot of hybrid seed cannabis that have very strong, sweet-looking buds but low CBD. Many people also believe that because CBD has fewer side effects than THC, it should be less potent and thus be less potent than true indica strains. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

THC vs CBD – This one goes hand in hand with the Sativa is indica debate. Studies have indicated that the best weed is largely dependent on the type of cannabis strain in which it was grown. While some studies have indicated that CBD can out-rival THC, this is not the case for all strains. This article briefly looks at two different types of cannabis strains – Sativa and indica – and briefly examines what each one has to offer for those looking to enjoy the best weed.

Sativa or Indica – In the end, there is no clear victor between Sativa and Indica when it comes to the potency and psychoactive properties of the plant. However, if you are growing for medical reasons, then you will likely want to go with Sativa. In terms of pure medicine, Sativa is the stronger of the two and therefore recommended by many alternative health care practitioners. On the other hand, Indica is more popular with recreational marijuana users seeking a more relaxing experience.

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